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Why Veg?

Prevent Needless Suffering

Farm animals are no less intelligent or capable of feeling pain than are the dogs and cats we cherish. Yet 10 billion animals are slaughtered each year in the US after spending their lives languishing on factory farms with almost no legal protection from horrible cruelty. Generation after generation, animals born on factory farms suffer intense confinement, brutal mutilation, and a gruesome and violent slaughter.  Read more

Improve Your Health

healthPlant-based foods provide us with all the nutrients we need, minus the saturated fat, cholesterol and contaminants found in meat, eggs, and dairy products. Vegan diets protect us against heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke, and several types of cancer. The American Dietetic Association states that vegetarian and vegan diets are healthful and nutritionally adequate for all ages, and can help prevent and treat certain diseases.  Read more

Protect The Environment

earthThe UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change says we should eat less meat to combat global warming. Factory farms are poisoning and depleting our potable water, arable land, and clean air. More than half the water used in the US goes to animal agriculture, and since farmed animals produce 130 times more excrement than the human population does, the run-off from their waste greatly pollutes our waterways. The single most important thing you can do to reduce climate change, conserve water and protect the environment is to go veg!  Read more

Veg News

VegSanDiego Welcomes IKEA

April 12, 2015 -- Take a break from your furniture shopping at IKEA to enjoy vegan veggie balls in their upstairs restaurant.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Leucadia Pizzeria

April 11, 2015 -- You'll find pizza with whole wheat and gluttun-free options as well as soy cheese at all three locations of Leucadia Pizzeria. Salads and beers too!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Casa de Reyes

April 10, 2015 -- Enjoy Mexican food with many veg options at Casa de Reyes, including Daiya vegan cheese.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Vegan Anthem

April 9, 2015 -- You'll find an eclectic range of offerings at any of the 5 farmers markets served by Vegan Anthem. And yes, they're all vegan!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Tacos Perla

February 2, 2015 -- You'll find several veg/vegan taco options on the menu at Tacos Perla in North Park. is a project of the Animal Protection and Rescue League (APRL).