Ranchos Natural Foods

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Ranchos Natural Foods is closed and has been replaced by Hugo's Cocina.

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Location: Ocean Beach (map)
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1830 Sunset Cliffs Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92107-3191

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RMB (unverified)
Dec 23, 2011
Love this place!

You can't go wrong here. So many choices for vegans, vegetarians and everyone else. Extensive menu. Quick service. Only minor complaint is that it takes a long time to settle your check, but beats being rushed out!

T.M. (unverified)
Apr 27, 2010
Huge selection

I don't get to Rancho's OB much anymore (since they opened in North Park) but I went recently with a big group and it was great. There were some menue items that I think were new; I had spinach mushroom enchiladas, very good. The atmosphere is fun they had strolling musicains!

Kerenna Soul (unverified)
Jan 22, 2008
Great place

Rancho's in North Park is a really great place. My only complaint are the prices, but aside from that their food is amazing. They have so many options that sometimes it's difficult to choose. The food there is not standard mexican food, they have a lot of weird and interesting choices that sometimes you have to ask to find out what it is exactly. Their Tofu Ranchero is really good, much better than at Pokez. Pokez has better burritos in my opinion. The service at Rancho's is amazing, they are so friendly and fun. We once ordered chips and guacamole and they just kept bringing more and more bowls of guac, free of charge! We were full before we even ate our meals. But it was delicious.

becky (unverified)
Aug 04, 2007
Rancho's Rocks!

Rancho's Restaurant in OB and in North Park is awesome! They have an extensive vegi & vegan menu with awesome dishes. The refried beans are delicious! Enjoy your lunch at a table on the relaxing patio (in OB) for a special treat!

AAJ (unverified)
Jun 22, 2007
Great Menu, Great Food and Great Service

I've been there a few times now, and we've started taking all of our friends because the food is great and the atmosphere is so cool. We've had beyond average service every time, and the extensive Vegan options on the menu make it an ideal place to take my family.

stacy (unverified)
Jun 07, 2007

I love the shitake everything. Greatest Mexican Vegetarian, probably in the world. I wish they would stop charging for chips and salsa though. Every other Mexican food restaurant in SD can afford to give them away for free. come on.

Susan (unverified)
May 29, 2007
Would be great if they had decent food.

I want to love Rancho's (North Park)...I mean they've got a friendly wait staff, great Frieda Kahlo artwork covering the walls, and a lovely atmosphere...but the food, which is what I ultimately come for, is just plain ICK (except for the salsa, for some reason that's excellent)! And I'm a wholegrain eating, tofu snarfing vegetarian, so healthy food isn't a problem for me. Sadly, though, I'm always beyond underwhelmed with the seasoning, texture, and oddly enough, the smell of the food there. In fact, after years of not eating at Rancho's, I gave it another try today, and now have a good old fashioned stomach-ache to show for my efforts. Oh well. I have yet to find an incredible Mexican food restaurant in San Diego.

JJM (unverified)
Apr 07, 2007
Rice is definitely NOT vegetarian

I am so pissed I cannot even begin to explain. I ordered a side of rice (which is listed as vegetarian) and what did I find... a huge piece of boiled chicken. I now have no doubt in my mind that their rice is made with chicken stock. How they think that they can call that vegetarian is beyond me! I will never go there again!

Jessie (unverified)
Oct 26, 2006
love it

I go to Rancho's whenever i'm in PB I LOVE there food the pinapple tamaleis are sooooo good!!!

jessica (unverified)
Jul 13, 2006
great food

Ranchos has the best vegan menu in town. The food is always excellent,no matter what entree you choose.The service there is friendly and very helpfull. Especially the morning staff.

danielle (unverified)
Jun 10, 2006
One of my favorites

Rancho's has really good food, with lots of vegetarian/vegan options. The service can be inconsistent. Sometimes it's slow, but the servers have always been nice. The food, however, is great. My favorites are the veggie tofu scramble and the tofu bean burrito. Yum!

earthchild (unverified)
Jun 08, 2006

If the owner, Yvonne, is around, the service is much better - we stopped going here a few years back because of poor service and inconsistant food. It was better before they expanded so much and when Hugo worked the front - he was our favorite!

Julie (unverified)
Apr 13, 2006
the food is worth the service

my thought is that good food is worth the wait... and rancho's is excellent.

Joann (unverified)
Mar 06, 2006
poor service

The food was very good but the sevice was poor and rude.

allison (unverified)
Feb 21, 2006
horrible service

I enjoy rancho's food, however the service is awful, they are slow and act like they don't care. I have spent thousands of dollars there over the years, yet due to the horrible service I am discontinung my business. I live down the street from Rancho's which should make it a convenience, You shouldn't wait 20 minutes for a drink when you are the only table in the restaurant. If you have 2 hours to spend for an average mexican meal go to rancho's, for equally good food and much better service try Santana's.

Mae (unverified)
Jun 22, 2005
Top drawer...

...compared to the North Park location. Gave this one a try because my family loves Rancho's. The servers here were very helpful and honest about what was vegan (because of menu discrepancies). The food was delicious (Loved that everything did not taste like salt!) and served hot and fresh by the talented waitstaff. Only complaint? One dollar for two extra lemon wedges for my water.

Tamster (unverified)
May 09, 2005
No Taste!

Um, when I ate at Rancho's, the question that came to mind was, where is the flavor? The food was so bland. It was by far some of the worst Mexican food I've ever had, which is pretty bad coming from me. No taste, no flavor, no anything! So if you want food that tastes like chunks of nothingness, Rancho's is the place for you!

Bryon Pav (unverified)
May 06, 2005
Never again!

Rancho's was once my favorite place to get vegan food. I would go there every so often to get one of their delicious soy cheese Quesadillas with a side of guacamole. However, a few months ago on a crowded Friday they served us cold unsatisfactory food and filthy guacamole (containing a red rubber band) which they refused to replace, after already forgetting about my table for about an hour. I'll never go back.

Jessica (unverified)
Sep 16, 2004
Love it!

The best mushroom tofu scramble ever. Great salsa. Awesome veggie tamales.
Service is usually pretty good.

veggiemomma (unverified)
Mar 16, 2004
Rancho's is da bomb!

The best Mexican food ANYWHERE. I have pretty much tried all of the vegan items and they are all delicious. When I was pregnant with my first, I had a lentil burrito almost everyday for lunch. Now with my second, I crave the bean burrito with no cheese and guacamole. Hooray for Rancho's!

John (unverified)
Jun 22, 2003
Best Mexican vegetarian joint to introduce your friends and fami

It doesn't get much better than ranchos. I go there about once a week to be honest. The Vegan burrito isn't on the menu but is only 3.75 or something. To some it up, great portions and atmosphere.

cari (unverified)
May 04, 2003

i love ranchos! their selection of vegan items is amazing. my favorite is the tofu enchiladas rancheros. the guacamole is awesome and they have good coffee too.