Ranchos Cocina North Park

Veg-Friendly Restaurant
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Mexican cuisine with a menu loaded with veg and vegan options. Try the have vegan pancakes, tofu scramble and more for breakfast.
Also try the trio of enchiladas, lentil burrito, or the vegan soyrizo! The mole is vegan.

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Location: North Park (map)
Info Hours
3910 30th St.
San Diego, CA 92104
Mo 9am-10pm Fr 8am-10pm
Tu 9am-10pm Sa 8am-10pm
We 9am-10pm Su 8am-9pm
Th 9am-10pm

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Laura (unverified)
Jul 05, 2011

I'm so baffled by the good reviews of this place. I've eaten here many times (I keep thinking I'm missing something and give it another chance). To date, I've never had a meal there that was even acceptable, let alone good. Once I got taquitos that were frozen inside. Another time, I was served a 'vegan quesadilla' that had real cheese, not soy cheese. Most recently, I got a plain vegan quesadilla that was totally cold with unmelted soy cheese inside. I mean, how hard is that to get right? Just microwave it! The service is often terrible, and their avocados regularly taste overripe to the point of being slightly rotten. On its best days, the food here is bland (which I don't understand - how can you even make mexican food that's bland?) I so wish they would get it together, maybe get a new chef and restaurant management, but in its current state, I would not recommend eating here, ever.

Chris (unverified)
Apr 13, 2008
Good days & bad days

I've eaten here on many occasions and will continue to do so. And I have to agree with many of the reviews both positive and negative. Consistency isn't necessarily their thing. I've had some days with excellent service and food and others where it was lacking. I'm a vegetarian, so won't comment as to the vegan options. But if you want a good mexican style meal, of all the choices out there, this is the place to come. Even on their worse day it is some of the best mexican food I've had.

Caila Byrd (unverified)
Apr 12, 2008

My husband and I are visitng San Diego and, as always, I pulled up google and searched for a vegan resturant in the area. San Diego has many more options than Arizona so we were a little overwhelmed but finally decided on Rancho's. Best choice I've ever made, hands down. The service was AMAZING, the atmosphere was AMAZING (we went on a friday night), the food was AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. We started off with the vegan cheese quesadilla (fantastic), I had the vegan veggie tamales (delicious) , and my husband had the vegan tofu taquito's (incredible). we also had the chips and salsa and two Margarita's and our total was only $33! I can't believe that any of these review's were negative! It was one of the best dining experiences we've ever had. My only regret is that we don't live in San Diego....

Justin (unverified)
Nov 05, 2007
Best Mexican Vegetarian

The one on 30th or the the one in OB, no matter, you wont find a better spot SD... Better than Pokez even...
And the market nextdoor has some good stuff also, including the shitake patties which are on the restaurants menu as well....

Large helpings and delicios food !
cant beat it..

Rob (unverified)
Feb 16, 2007
Not bad

This isn't the best place in the world for my palate, but many of my friends love it. The wait can be loooong, but they've got plenty of vegetarian and vegan items on the menu to satisfy. Uh, the tables are small. I'm glad Rancho's exists.

Long-time vegetarian, recent vegan (unverified)
Aug 04, 2006
A few tips

The wait a the NP Ranchos can get awfully long during rush hour (weekends), so best to eat early, later or take out (my recommendation, with their uncomfortable seating and often loud atmosphere). The eggplant enchiladas are the most consistently tasty entree on the menu. The blue and yellow corn enchiladas are decent. The tempeh dishes (tostada, torta) should be avoided. I do appreciate the number of vegan choices (and non-vegan for friends who eat with us) and Ranchos's fresh salsa.

Long-time vegetarian, recent vegan (unverified)
Aug 04, 2006
A few tips

The wait a the NP Ranchos can get awfully long during rush hour (weekends), so best to eat early, later or take out (my recommendation, with their uncomfortable seating and often loud atmosphere). The eggplant enchiladas are the most consistently tasty entree on the menu. The blue and yellow corn enchiladas are decent. The tempeh dishes (tostada, torta) should be avoided. I do appreciate the number of vegan choices (and non-vegan for friends who eat with us) and Ranchos's fresh salsa.

Dianne (unverified)
Jul 02, 2006

First, the 'patio' dining area was surrounded by bums and prostitutes. We were told that if we wanted to order a Margarita we could not sit outside. Once we were seated inside we were served the worst Margaritas we ever had. While we were waiting for our food (which took forever) a bug crawled up my leg and bit me. It looked like a large cockroach to me but my husband said it was a water bug. The food was bland and tasteless. Probably the worse Mexican food we ever had. Once the waiter brought our drinks to the table he never came to our table again. He never offered us refills for our soda or asked how our food tasted. Once it was time to leave we couldn't even find the waiter to give us our check. We sat there for 20 minutes with our dirty dishes on our table and had to ask another waiter to get us our check. This was the worst restaurant I have ever eaten in!!!!!!!!!

earthchild (unverified)
Jun 08, 2006

Same as OB, if Yvonne isn't around, the place faulters. Food is inconsistant to the extreme - you can have everything correct, decent service and tasty and the next time your service is awful, order incorrect, cold, tasteless and slow. Consistancy is the key. I used to be a huge fan but have lost intrest.

helena (unverified)
Apr 20, 2006
great place for non-veg too

every time i take a friend here, they love it! the atmosphere is awesome and the food is delicious. so much variety for a veg place!

sierra (unverified)
Feb 08, 2006
Great for Vegans

Ranchos has pretty enticing food. Their vegan selection is really accomplished . I had two blue corn and avocado enchillada, it was some of the best vegan food i've had. Sometimes on occasion vegan food from restaurants can taste a bit bland, but this blue corn and avocado enchillada was delicous, and filling. As far as dining experience goes, the place was packed but didn't threaten the good food or friendly atmostphere from the amount of people. There was a bit of a wait, but this just proves how good their food is.

cordedpoodle (unverified)
Oct 25, 2005
Not Great Not Bad

My Mom (vegetarian friendly) tried this spot once on a Friday night. The food was average. Reasonable prices. Reasonable portions.

Cons: Our seating was crowded. Shoe horned in.

ben (unverified)
Aug 24, 2005
Vegan Oasis

Like the vision of a road weary traveller in the concrete desert of north park the appealing foliage and proud displaying of the word vegitarian that adorn the outside of Rancho's greeted me warmly as a mirage. This faction of vegan mexican heaven on earth was no illusion however! The wet seitan burrito is better than heroin, the wait staff is superb and no matter what you will leave with a warm and complete feeling that i imagine is similar to what you feel just before you slip into heaven when you die. its a crime not to eat here.

T.M. (unverified)
May 03, 2005
Best in the Neighborhood

There are tons of veg/vegan choices at Rancho's and you don't have to worry about lard in the beans or chicken stock in the rice. The Shitake pattie is miss labeled as vegan, but they do a pretty good job. It is a fun atmosphere, family owned and decorated so you feel like you're in a mexican village. Though I like the potato and tofu items better at Poke'z, I've always found the food at Rancho's to be fresh and they have unique items like eggplant enchiladas, lentil burritos (I've never tried those) tempeh tostados... my fave's besides the eggplant are the veggie tamale and the avo enchiladas (which are cold on purpose I'd guess) also try the trio enchilada, the giant Guadalahara tostado, and the slightly spicey veggie soup that's made fresh to order. The wait staff are not overly attentive but they are always curtious. I've gotten cheese on a vegan item once or twice out of many many visits. my food was replaced promptly and it would not stop me from returning or recomending it to others.

Amilcar (unverified)
Feb 06, 2005
Good at times

Though often good there have been times the unfortunate discovery of the inclusion of cheese in my food - so make sure to check and have your server repeat the order! Otherwise tasty and lots of variety, although their tables are oddly sized.

cole (unverified)
Dec 30, 2004
vegans beware

i have eaten at rancho's multiple times over the last few years but no more. they have used up all their chances to redeem themselves in this vegan's eyes. for an establishment catering to the vegan community they do a terrible job of correctly marking their menu, just because it says vegan on the menu does not mean it is vegan, and an even worse job training their employees on the vegan diet. things to watch out for: many breakfast items listed as vegan include eggs, pancakes listed as vegan, shitake patty. i recommend eating somewhere else.

Amy (unverified)
Dec 02, 2004
Worst Mexican Food Ever

I agree with the comments below mine. This food looked like dog food and tasted worse. My husband and I were sick for several days after eating this greasy, unclean mess.

Nathan (unverified)
Sep 19, 2004
Worst Meal Ever

We just moved here from New York and went to Rancho's because of all the four star reviews here. My god folks, what are you people thinking? I literally had the worse meal ever. Actually second worst. The worst is a place in D.C. where the Thai food tasted like dirty socks. But this was a close second.

Mae (unverified)
Sep 16, 2004
Time for a New Menu!

Just told last night shiitake pattie and soya cheese are no longer vegan, but it seems like 1/2 of the staff do not know. Ended up getting cold food and uncooked m**t on my omni mum's food. Blech experience.

yallia (unverified)
Sep 13, 2004
shitake patties aren't vegan

too bad my friend ate a whole shitake patty which he was told was vegan by one person, only to find out that they contain eggs. holy chicken torture, bat-vegan!

kat (unverified)
Sep 03, 2004
shitake patties

the shitake patties (in shitke burrito and taco) are delicious! this is definitely one of my favorite places.

Cam (unverified)
Apr 21, 2004

This is my new favorite spot for great, fresh Mexican food!!! They have my fav' sopes. Staff was cool, the service was great and the food made my tummy smile. Ginger brew awesome too!!

Sara (unverified)
Dec 10, 2003
I love Ranchos!

They have a really nice atmosphere, nice but not too upscale (perfect for a date!) and I agree that their enchiladas are the best. :)

Bread Crust (unverified)
Nov 27, 2003


Glenn Buskirk (unverified)
Nov 17, 2003
New Organic grocery

Really good vegan and vegetarian options. Also opened new organic grocery next door.

matt (unverified)
Oct 29, 2003

i really like this place. the fact that it is 2 minutes from my girls house help too :)

good food.
good service.

Linda (unverified)
Oct 24, 2003
Pretty good and fresh

The menu is really impressive. So many different options. I heard from disgruntled staff that the kitchen isn't so concerned about cross-contamination with skillets and cutting boards and all that. If that doesn't bother you, this is your place. Cheap, fresh, some organic, lots vegan. The vegan burrito is cheap and huge.

kaivalya (unverified)
Aug 28, 2003

Yum! It's all about the enciladas.

Kevin (unverified)
Aug 02, 2003
Great stuff

TONs of veg and vegan options - food is moderately priced and very, very good. The service is great and the atmosphere is clean and casual. A great place!

Pitch (unverified)
May 27, 2003
Awesome food!!

Ranchos has a great atmosphere, lovely surroundings and most important great food. Hearty and very filling Mexican food, thats reasonably priced. Great lintel and avacado burrito.

jonquil (unverified)
May 10, 2003
best vegan mexican food

ranchos has the tastiest vegan mexican food i've ever had. they will make almost any item vegan, and tofu is on the menu! they also have soy milk for smoothies or coffee.

Sonia Salcido (unverified)
May 07, 2003
Breakfast all day!!!

It doesn't matter how late you wake up, Ranchos has super good veggie breakfast any time. And their coffee is the best!