Pomegranate Russian-Georgian Restaurant

Veg-Friendly Restaurant
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This traditional Russian restaurant breaks stereotypes by offering several Vegetarian and vegan options. The owner is Vegan-aware and even offers a Veggie Borscht. The menu proclaims "all Borscht to the people". The bread given at seating is not vegan, but can be substituted if asked.

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Location: University Heights (map)
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2312 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92104
Mo 5pm-10pm Fr 5pm-11pm
Tu 5pm-10pm Sa 5pm-11pm
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Th 5pm-10pm

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Sarah (unverified)
Sep 03, 2007
Really Enjoyed It!

My hubby and I went here for dinner after reading the rave reviews--what a quaint treasure of a place! We just returned from an 8 month world trip and were delighted to find a place that made us feel like we were transported around the world again! We are vegetarian and vegan and there were things for both of us to eat. The waiter was wonderful and definitely knew what we could and couldn't eat on the menu. Definitely try the salad appetizer platter!

QBN (unverified)
Apr 16, 2007
great food, not-so-great end

I was part of a party of 6 for dinner. We decided to do a family-style approach to get the best variety of vegan eats. We ordered appetizer platter, borscht, stroganoff, and eggplant. I was pretty stuffed after the meal and in food bliss. When I saw the bill, I wasn't feeling all that great. It was much more expensive than I'd expected - much more than the $20 I had in hand. They have a weird policy if you use a credit card (mastercard not accepted, 5% surcharge with visa). So I don't know. I wanted so much to like the restaurant - the food, service, atmosphere were great. Link to the menu etc.: http://www.russiangeorgianfood.homestead.com/

George - a vegan (unverified)
Dec 17, 2006
great place for vegans/veggies and meat-eaters to co-exist

We recently had dinner here with a meat-eating couple and none of us had any trouble finding a ton of things we would have liked to try. Most of their menu items include a vegetarian option and the server was very friendly in telling us what could be made vegan. It is very affordable and the servings are HUGE -- we all left stuffed. It is nice to go to a restaurant and be able to try many unique things. This is definitely a place that I can take my relatives from Nebraska and we will all leave happy and full -- not intimidated, not uncomfortable, not clashing.

earthchild (unverified)
Jun 08, 2006

I agree, much of the veg food is delicious and unique. I stopped on the way to the restroom to take a look at the kitchen and was appalled that it appeared very dirty. I also watched several dishes being pulled from the microwave which disappointed me. Ask to confirm that the sour cream is vegan - often it has gelatin.

T.M. (unverified)
Apr 22, 2005
Very Special

I went when it first opened and loved it! I vowed to go back and just plain forgot. The owners had a great sense of humor and treated us like family, we even got to write on the walls! Great date place. I'm glad it's still there, I'm going again soon to support this place. I had the borsct, it was great and I had some kind of eggplant spread to put on bread which was good too. There were lot's of vegan options, and not the usual stuff. You goota go!

Katrina (unverified)
Mar 30, 2004
Exotic, unusual food with a real love of life

This place is probably the most vibrant restaurant you will ever go to. The walls are covered in handwritten messages in just about every language, communist propaganda, odd utensils, and you can't swing a .... whatever.... with out hitting a samovar (russian tea-urn). Everything about the atmosphere here will put you in romantic, sultry, and slightly sarcastic mood. And where did I put that copy of The Idiot? As far as veggie food, there aren't a lot of options, but the options there are will blow you away. The vegetarian appetizer sampler will have you licking the plate, and the vegetarian borscht (hold the sour cream) is heaven in a bowl. Make sure you ask about vegan specials, and if you are willing to splurge on some pricey wine, the Georgian (as in the former Soviet Republic, not the US state) Semi-sweet red or white wine will hold a special place in your memory for quite a while.