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SipZ has an extensive all vegetarian menu with many vegan items. Their style of cooking is what they like to call "Fuzion", which is a blend of asian, american, and european style.

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5501 Clairemont Mesa Bl.
San Diego, CA 92117
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Betz (unverified)
Sep 20, 2011
Almost makes me want to move here!

I love this place! I can't wait to go back and try something else! The orange chicken was astounding! I love that I can get Thai Tea as vegan!

Marissa (unverified)
Dec 22, 2010
Service ain't the best but the food is

The service here isn't the best around town but the food will make up for it. I have been this his spot for ages and it has never changed in term of service level. The vegan plates on the menu have been altered slightly but to perfect their best dishes. I agree that this is probably the best vegetarian restaurant you can be at.

speakingEZ (unverified)
Dec 27, 2009
Great food, AWFUL waitress

First of all, my boyfriend and I love Sipz. LOVE the food. I'm vegetarian with a dairy intolerance, he has carnivorous tendencies. We eat here once or twice a month, and I have never had a noticeable allergic reaction, but I'm a little suspicious of the chai tea boba.....

Anyway, what has made us consider just ordering to go is one incredibly rude server, an older woman. The younger male servers are usually very polite, but she has frustrated us on several occasions: bringing me the wrong order and then pressuring me to eat it before the chef came out with my actual food (thankfully, I hadn't touched it yet), asking my boyfriend and I THREE times to order dessert (after we asked for our check, she kept coming back to pressure us) then telling us what desserts were good, reaching over me to grab stuff off our table to give to other customers, and walking away from me when I'm in the middle of asking her for something.

We often leave fuming about the waitress when we should be raving about the food! Otherwise, the place is great. We recommend the BBQ pork and the Basil dish with chicken. The food justifies going back.

JFR (unverified)
Sep 08, 2009
SIPZ is vegan - beware of misinformed reviewers

Hi, I tried a few of the meals at Sipz including vegan meats and soups and.. wow what a treat.

I was on the phone with the owner of Sipz today after reading a review saying that they might have whey in their products. This is false, whey would never pass their comb, the person who wrote that review assumed that they use chicken which they don't. Anyway the owner actually invited me to meet with her and read the ingredients of what they use to prepare their food. I may accept her invitation next time I go there but you can tell she is trustworthy just on the tone of the voice and the invitation.

Sipz may have started as a vegetarian restaurant a few years ago but now it certainly qualifies as vegan....

Kerenna Soul (unverified)
Jan 22, 2008

Sipz is okay at best. Only less than half of their food is really good and the rest is just all right. The chicken is the best option. Stay away from the soups! they are terrible. Sometimes the food smells like they used dirty water to cook, the food's just not as good as it should be, but it's decent. My favorite dish is the chow mein with chicken or the orange chicken. But why must they spell everything with a 'z' in it?

Justin (unverified)
Sep 22, 2007

If you had an allergic reaction at sipz its not because there was dairy in your food, its probably due to the MSG in the food though. Which im fine with, you can also request your food without msg added, but i dont mind a little msg...I love sipz!

Leslie Smith (unverified)
Sep 21, 2007
More praise...

I forgot to mention on my other review, the prices are also great - $6.95 for lunch and $7.95 for dinner, for a huge plate of food!

Leslie Smith (unverified)
Sep 21, 2007

My friend and I ate there yesterday (Sept. 20, 2007) and everything was excellent! The service was really good, the food and atmosphere were wonderful, and they didn't mind that we sat there for a couple of hours talking. They had a lot of interesting items on the menu, and the non-vegan items were clearly marked. There's a nice big parking area too. We highly recommend this restaurant!

Allan (unverified)
Aug 07, 2007
Love SIPZ's Desserts!

Hi Guys!
If you are Vegan like me, you gotta try their new Vegan 'Cheese cake' with Raspberry! It is soo much better than the Regular NY Cheesecake! Their Orange Chicken is so amazing too! WE LOVE SIPZ! I do wish their food would come out a little slower because I want to have everything on the menu but not all at once. :)

Jenny (unverified)
Jul 27, 2007

I am allergic to any and all dairy products. I was really excited to hear that Sipz had vegan options and was disappointed to get an allergic reaction from eating their food. I've eaten there at least 3 times to make sure and was allergic to every vegan item I tried.

Don't get me wrong, their food is good and may be a good vegetarian option... But this is false advertising and frankly it is dangerous to people that are allergic to certain animal products.

Angela (unverified)
Jun 25, 2007
yum hum

get anything with
noodles and faux chicken
it's so good....
love coming here

Rex (unverified)
May 12, 2007

VegFarm makes vegan versions of the 'chicken' you bought from Whole Foods. Kung Food used the vegan versions for the 'Chicken Parmasan' in the restaurant and the 'Chicken Tenders' at the drive thru.

There's some controversy with VegFarm, but nothing's been confirmed/proven as far as I know.

sebsi (unverified)
May 04, 2007
sipz is NOT vegan, so vegans watch out!

first of all, i love the food here. but there are some major problems with this place. they claim to be almost all vegan, and claim that their few non-vegan menu items are clearly marked (e.g., they do a walnut faux shrimp dish that requires mayo, and for some unknown reason they use egg mayo instead of the fine vegannaise products). i've eaten there several times for the vegan cuisine and have determined that they use the pre-made faux meat products distributed by vegeusa and made in asia:

i have bought the retail vegeusa products at whole foods and prepared them at home and they...are...delicious! and they are no doubt the same produts used by sipz. here's the problem:

since sipz sells these prepared items as 'vegan' i didn't read the ingredients (one of the only times i've ever done this) and sure enough, the faux chicken products contain whey. they are not vegan. that's fine, i won't be eating them anymore. however, the restaurant sells these products to vegans as vegan food items and that's wrong. i plan on pointing this out to them, and frankly i'm a little pissed off about it. it's absolutely false advertising. anyway, have a great day!

lovealoha (unverified)
Apr 22, 2007
nothing but impressed

sipz is amazing. their menu is very extensive and innovative. two words: vegan sushi.

Ledietzma (unverified)
Mar 23, 2007
Rockin' Grub!

I would live at Sipz if I could! This place is my Favorite Restaurant.Period. Thank you Sipz for your Curry Chicken and Taro Boba soy Milk Teas.
The service is what it is..but you know I want to hug my server when they bring me my food and the chefs in the back too! The sushi is also awesome..I mean where else in S.D. can you get some vegan/vegetarian sushi?
the food is totally worth any annoyances you may (I've harldly ever) have to deal with service wise.

stephanie (unverified)
Mar 18, 2007
Good food, but increasingly poor service!

Today was my 10th+ visit, and I left very disastified~ again. I almost didn't return because of the terrible service from last week, but I really like the food, so I thought I would give it one more chance.

The first couple times I came here, the service was decent and the food was very good; however, everytime since then has been increasingly worse. First of all many of the employees ignore customers when they enter the restaurant and seat you when they get around to it. Then it usually takes a while for a server to come to your table, and usually you will receive an appetizer before they bring your drinks. Its like pulling teeth to get your server back to your table--even for the check. I have personally watched servers whiz right past customers that are obviously trying to get the server's attention. There is no organization or management to be found. Obviously, tending to the customer is more important than cleaning a table when there are several clean ones available.

I don't mean to be harsh, there are a couple of good servers, but overall there are some serious improvements to be made.

In addition to the poor service, I ordered a noodle dish today with a spice rating of 2. Needless to say, someone made a mistake, because my tongue was on fire. I had to hunt down the server, ask for new food, and then proceeded to watch him clean four tables, take a phone call, and seat people before tending to my issue. When I finally got my food ten minutes later, it was tasteless and oily.

I am really upset about the service; this is the only restaurant that I enjoy eating at, but the service is just absolutely awful, and I will not be returning. Most people go to a restaurant to relax and enjoy themselves, not be frustrated--and take it from me, I was not the only frustrated patron there.

Jnb (unverified)
Jan 26, 2007
Good but quirky

I have been to Sipz twice. The first time I ordered the Vietnamese noodle soup. It was very good but did not come with fresh Basil, when I asked for some the waiter brought me a very small piece. My wife had Udon soup but the noodles were made out of some tasteless substance that we could not identify definitely not regular udon noodles. The second time I ordered spicy basil bowl which was decribed on the menu as having bok choy, mushroom, corn, carrot, celery, peas. Well when I got it had practically all Bok Choy with no mushrooms, no corn, no peas and a tiny amount of carrot and celery. I like bok choy but it gets old when the whole dish is just bok choy. Too bad because the sauce and Tofu were good. I guess next time I will ask if what I am ordering has what the menu says it has. Service is very slow. Despite the short comings I would return.

kimberly (unverified)
Dec 10, 2006

My family and I went to San Diego for the day, and I wanted to try out Sipz. I am the only vegetarian in the family, and there were 6 of us. My family seemed apprehensive at first, but when they started to eat, they were very impressed with how tasty it was. They raved about how it was so flavorful and everyone ate every bite on their plates. I had the orange chicken, (delicious), and we also tried the chikn drumsticks, Tom Yum soup, and some of the tofu entrees offered. I have been to several vegetarian restaurants, and this one had the most flavorful and best helpings of all that I have tried. I only wish I could make the orange chicken at home!

Sally Daugherty (unverified)
Nov 07, 2006
Loved it.

My daughter and I visited your cafe several times when we visited San Diego and were always pleased with the type and taste of your food. Please keep going. I really miss good vegetarian restaurant food since I have returned home to Florence, Oregon. All we get in restaurants here is meat, meat, and more meat. San Diegans, you do not know how lucky you are!

New Vegan (unverified)
Aug 05, 2006
Just needs consistency

Let's face it, none of the vegan restaurants are perfect in San Diego. So Sipz definitely compares well to the rest of them, having at least a handful of good dishes and room to improve. They need to work on consistency, cleanliness and service, but I still support their aim and am glad that they are here. Not a bad addition to a strip mall.
To be on the safe side, I usually order the Basil Chicken, which is always good,plus another entree I haven't tried. The pho noodles are good, if you are in the mood for a room temp dish (ok the next day). I loved the sushi (thai roll) the first time, but the second time, the rice was undercooked, making for an unpleasant sushi roll eating experience. The appetizers are a bit underwhelming and overpriced.

earthchild (unverified)
Jun 08, 2006

I agree with the last post. I haven't been to Sipz in quite some time because of cleanliness. If the bathroom is filthy, and that's where the employees go, how clean is the kitchen/food? I've stopped going to restaurants many times based on this alone. I love this place for the concept and choices, I just hope they read this and clean.

Sipz Eater (unverified)
Apr 17, 2006
Great food - service and cleanliness of the facility is somethin

The first few experiences at SipZ in terms of the food was fantastic. The chefs have done a great job incorporating asian cusine into vegitarian dishes. Their use of mock shrimp and chicken was very good as well. The waiter was rude as he has been on numerous occassions, the bathroom was disgusting and dirty, and the floors were littered with food and paper. They have the food down but they can loose me on the service.

Leo M of the JIB Homies Lunch Crew (unverified)
Feb 23, 2006
Chicken With Basil

My co-worker and I discovered SIPZ yesterday while dropping off donations at the neighboring Thrift Store for Animals.

What a nice surprise it was to find a nearby restaurant that specializes in healthy, interesting, quality, correct-proportioned dishes. We both enjoyed the Chicken with Basil, Fusion Rolls, and boba drinks - I tried the Vanilla Soy Milk with Chai and rate it very high.

I've already been back three times in the last two days and will probably bring the family up for dinner this weekend!

kim (unverified)
Feb 23, 2006
Non vegan rave

I was brought to Sipz because we work with many Indians and we were looking for a vegan restaurant we all could enjoy. Sipz was near by! We tried it a loved it. I have introduced two more people to it, one being my meat loving husband. He raved about it and loved the mock shrimp. I myself LOVELOVELOVE the Thai Fried Rice. Sometimes the service is less than desired, but I find that in many restaurants today and not unique in this case.
Thanks Sipz for showing meateaters that there is an alternative that is tasty and good for the planet. Now if they could figure out how to mock a good porterhouse....

David ag (unverified)
Feb 18, 2006
Crunchy chow mein

Since I hardly drive I don't eat at sipz as much as I would like. The crunchy chow mein is the real deal. Drumsticks. Yeah it's something I will miss when I escape dago.

Another vegan family! ages 10-80 (unverified)
Feb 10, 2006
'Our Fav'

Best vegetarian cafe in San Diego! Sweet & sour chicken is fantastic! So is wonton soup, spring rollz, veggie lo mein, etc. Friendly & fast service!

Adam Siegel (unverified)
Feb 03, 2006
A Jewel in the crown of America's Finest City

As a non vegetarian/vegan, Sipz is my favorite place to get some quick eats. Most of their dishes are really delicious, and they have a nice varied menu. Unfortunately the dishes don't necessarily taste all that distinctive from each other--not that this is a bad thing, as everything is very tasty. Also I'm not a huge fan of the mock shrimp, but then again I don't like the real stuff either, so what do I know? Another thing is that the food isn't neccesarily very consistent; by my count the sauce for the Kung Pao chicken has changed three times (used to be my favorite dish, now it's much lower on the totem pole). My only other complaint is that the staff, while generally friendly, can be a little inattentive, depending on who you get. In reality these complaints are nothing other than nitpicks; Sipz is truly a fantastic place with the best quick eats in San Diego.

Sausy (unverified)
Jan 02, 2006
Best Vegan Food in town

My absolute favorite Vegan food in San Diego is definitely SIPZ !! Orange chicken and Pad Thai with Tofu, yum yum.

Sean (unverified)
Oct 20, 2005
Their House Tofu Rocks!

The House Tofu is awesome. I have had it a couple times when they didn't get the sauce quite right, but usually it is outstanding. I've now made it a habit of ordering it with black mushrooms. I just wish I knew the recipe for that sauce.

Gina (unverified)
Oct 17, 2005
Love it!

My husband & I loved Sipz. It reminded us of our favorite mock-meat restaurant in NY. Lots of mock-meat options & friendly service. We will go in each time we're passing thru the area.

Sylvia (unverified)
Sep 29, 2005
Comment from the owner of Sipz

Hi Everybody!
Thank you so much for your support. It has recently been brought to my attention your concern about the MSG issue in the food. To clarify, we DO NOT ADD MSG to our dishes. Some of the sauces were pre-made so it does have MSG in the them, be we DO NOT ADD it to the dishes when we cook the dishes. To make it even better, I have asked our cook to eliminate MSG all together from their cooking if they could... so they have removed it from all the sauces except for the dark brown sauce because they couldn't get the taste of that one down. Anyhow, if you are allergic to MSG and really want a certain dish with dark brown sauce, ask them to substitute it for a Soy Sauce Base that they can whip from scratch just for you. The same goes for Diabetes as well. Thanks you guys! Let me know how I can further thank you for your support.
Take care,

mjm (unverified)
Sep 03, 2005

Quite possibly the greatest place in the world. I love eating there. I wish I was eating some Sipza right now.

Conscientious Consumer (unverified)
Aug 21, 2005
The scoop on MSG at Sipz

I had been eating at Sipz for quite awhile before I heard that they used MSG. I called immediately to find out if it was true. They said they do not add MSG to any of their dishes but some of the sauces they purchase in bulk do include MSG. They also said dishes could be prepared using alternative sauces. I do agree with Alegra that they should consider dropping the MSG altogether. At the very least, dishes that include MSG should be disclosed on the menu. The CharGrilled Veggie Salad (without the dressing) is awesome!

jovika (unverified)
Aug 01, 2005

i love sipz.. the food is the best..but they have to do something aboutt he spicy scale,the few time i went there for dinner the waiter were guys... great sevice really nice guys the one with coo hair always smiles and always check up..but other times the girl waitress are really blah.. no personalities... and had to be called over a few times...

Alice S (unverified)
Jul 29, 2005
Awesome Awesome food

I love their Kung Pao Chicken and Orange Chicken. Vegan chocolate cake is out of this world. Super moist and delicious. My friend think SIPZ's Oriental chicken salad is perfect for her summer meal any time of the day. :)) Also, a waiter name Chris is soo nice too.

Alegra (unverified)
Jul 13, 2005
Amazing won ton soup, but they use MSG

I was so excited when this place first opened, but then I asked if they use MSG and the answer is yes! It is in pretty much every item on the menu. Please let them know if you are opossed to this- I am hoping they will change their ingredients and stop using msg if enough people ask them to. their won ton soup is amazing!

Michelle (unverified)
May 21, 2005
this place rocks!

Finally found Sipz and it's the best vegetarian restaurant in SD! Friendly service. Great energy. The Kung Pao Chicken was awesome. I had it extra spicy, but the heat did not blow my brains out! My husband had the vegetarian Pho (noodle soup) and he just kept eating, eating and eating! Yum! I think that we'll be having a weekly Sipz fix from this point out!

Cookie Monster (unverified)
May 13, 2005
Get the House Special Tofu

this place is so good and the people are very friendly

if they would get rid of the few non vegan items we would have a vegan restaurant that does it right

will (unverified)
Apr 30, 2005
orange chicken!

the orange chicken is soooooooo good. sometimes theres a cute puppy hanging out in the office too, i could pet it all night long.

T.M. (unverified)
Apr 22, 2005
SIpz is yuumy & a fun place for get togethers

A comfortable casual dining experience. Family owned and friendly, it's a good place to take non-veg friends. The only problem is knowing what to get first. Take a group and do it family style! My faves are the soft chow mein noodles with tofu, Tom Kah soup, Eggplant delight & cashew soy chicken. I didn't care for the fake shrimp but I never liked the real thing either, some people rave about these. I thought the fake abalone was not that great, the fried wan tons are super!