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Brian (unverified)
Jan 12, 2012
Ultimate Vegan Burger

Nice place. I enjoyed my 'Ultimate Vegan Burger'! I will absolutely go back and recommend to my friends...

Alma Limon (unverified)
Dec 08, 2010

This place is great! great price, food, and people. The atmosphere is laid back and is just what you need to get out of the routine. I love their hamburgers and fries. Anyone that is a carnivore would like pretty much all the items in their menu. Just give it a shot ;)

Kat (unverified)
Oct 22, 2010
First Impression?...never again

this was my first visit to this restaurant and I have to say 'disappointed' is an understatement. I ordered a vegan burger and got 'glop' the only thing I could eat were the potato wedges. Even those were only 'ok'. The staff only says 'take a look at the menu, then order.' no one really says much to you except for that. They play pulsating reggae and everyone has huge gauge earrings for that 'earthy' indigenous effect. I wasn't impressed though. All I wanted was good healthy food and got ganked in the end.

Dan (unverified)
Aug 01, 2009
Amazing every time

I go here at least twice a month, and have never been disappointed. All of the burgers and sandwiches are fantastic and each one has wonderful and distinct flavors. Even my family, who are devout carnivores, love the food here. Definitely a great place to get great food at a great price.

Heather (unverified)
Jun 16, 2009

Veg-n-Out is a great place to hang out, and to top it off the food is so yummy! The people that work here are the best. They are super friendly and very welcoming. I am a regular here (at least 2x/week) and they know me and make an effort to remember what I like and give me great service. North Park is definately a better place because Veg-N-Out is there!!

kitkat (unverified)
Jun 13, 2009
Veg n out is awesome!

I've been going here since I first heard about shortly after it opened. I totally don't understand all the negativity on this board. This place is great. I go here almost once a week and I don't even live nearby. The burgers are the best veggie burgers I've ever had. LOVE this place.

XDANIELLEX (unverified)
May 12, 2009

I tryed them out because my meat-eating friends were going to the place next door, I just pulled them up online and placed my order ahead of time. It was ready when I got there and the portabello burger with follow-your-heart mozzarella and veganize was great!

Earthmadre (unverified)
Oct 08, 2008
Good Deal!!

My girls and I went in and enjoyed the whole experience. The prices and quality good. We got one child's meal, which had chicken nuggets, fresh veggies with a creamy dip, sweet potatoes, cookie and apple juice. All that for only $4.95. My other daughter and I shared a cheeseburger and potato wedges and we were more than full for $7.95. I don't agree with the negativity. Since this is a small family restaurant I understand the wait for good food made fresh when I ordered. I think this place is great for veggie food!! Thanks for the experience!!

ARgirl (unverified)
Sep 17, 2008
Updated Review

I recently decided to give Veg-n-Out another chance because of reading the positive reviews on here. I'm glad I did, they've really changed things around and are not even offering their veggie patties frozen so you can take home. The food was vastly improved and the service while slow was friendly. Still not a fan of the potato wedges, but I do appreciate that their side salad is more than lettuce and a slice of tomato. The new salad dressing selection is also a plus!

Steven (unverified)
Apr 17, 2008

loved the food loved the staff loved the environment... am going back for sure,,, long live Veg n Out

Angie (unverified)
Apr 16, 2008
Good eats!

I love this place! In the past, they needed guidance, but who doesn't when you first open the doors? Bumps in the road can be smoothed. This time, I had the chick'n mushroom swiss sandwich (YUM) and my friend got the meatball sandwich with marinara sauce. We were both very pleased. The guy that took our order was a riot; had a lot of fun talking to him. --The only drawback is the speed of service (cooking). But, it was a Saturday and they were busy. Didn't see more than one cook in the kitchen, so one or two more on the weekends might be a good idea. Other than that, I'll be back time and time again.

Chris (unverified)
Apr 13, 2008
still needs improvement

I was so excited when I saw a new veggie restaurant opening and rushed to try it. I thought it overpriced then and still do now. I have to agree with most of the neg reviews here. I have gone back a few times since they've been open hoping for a real improvement. The staff remains unknowledgeable, there are still menu items that are often unavailable. And my food is often cold and with stale bread. The sweet potato medallions were very good. I like the concept of the place but it is clear they have no concept of running a restaurant or preparing quality food. It all seems very 'store bought' and old.

noone (unverified)
Feb 27, 2008
Good food

Good food. But the guy at the register was so peculiar. My bf and I wanted to eat outside but it really seemed like he wanted us to eat inside. I dont know...the overall experience was good. The food is really awesome! i got the north park burger thing..and the fried tofu was good.

but seriously...the guy made me feel uncomfortable.

JPJ (unverified)
Jan 05, 2008
It has greatly improved

I went to veg-n-out about a year ago and was sad to find that it was the type of off the shelf veggie burgers i would make at home in a hurry. I went back recently - totally different. Good solid HOMEMADE sandwiches well dressed. The Ali Burger is awesome.

L. Taylor-Johnson (unverified)
Oct 20, 2007

I went on this website to look for a good veggie restaurant. I got the list and read the reviews...THEY ARE UNTRUE! This restaurant was absolutely wonderful. It's quite yet kid friendly. The food..Well it was EXCELLENT. We ordered the following:
30th Street Burger, South Park Burger, Garden Philly, Kids Veggie Dog.
The kids LOVED there food. The veggie burger we beyond EXCELLENT and the Garden Philly was full of fresh veggies grill to perfection. The total meal for 4 including drinks was $35.00...I learned from this try it for yourself...write a real review. And don't forget to go back...WE WILL!

RCB (unverified)
Apr 24, 2007
Don't waste your time or Money

We were hesitant to go because of the mixed reviews, but wanted to give it a shot since there are few veg places to choose from in San Diego. Unfortunately, Veg-N-Out did not live up to it's websites hype. The service was okay, the gal working there was very sweet. But the food was overpriced, cold, flavorless, and down right awful. The buns on the burger were hard, the chick'n was overcooked, the tomato had freezer burn, the chili had old/dry beans and was cold, my boyfriend had a loaded hot dog which was also served cold and it all took about 45 minutes to get to our table. Will never dine there again and can't recommend the place to anyone.

jaime (unverified)
Mar 18, 2007
too bad

I must agree with all the comments about food being over priced and not exactly the best quality. Also, I thought the owner was pretty rude the last time I went in.

Rob (unverified)
Feb 16, 2007
I'll be back T-2 style

I got the Island Girl burger with teriyaki and pineapple, and a smoothie. Loved them both. The veggie patty had a unique homemade taste to it, which I quite enjoyed. The staff was super friendly. For your convenience there were big cups next to a self-serve water dispenser.

Victoria Costellano (unverified)
Dec 20, 2006

I was so impressed with this little wonder in North park!!! I have traveled all over the world to find new and exciting vegan and veggie cuisine and deli's. I would give it 5 stars on everything from the service to the location to the wonderful food. Owner and operater was so fabulous. Thanks for such a great experiance.

George - a vegan (unverified)
Dec 11, 2006
Not so easily impressed

Eh. This place was OK. As in I would drop by if I was in the neighborhood and starving and Rancho's was super busy. The food was expensive for what it was (sure the prices are comparable to other establishments in the area, but what you actually get is not comparable!) The burger buns resemble wonderbread and are cheap, disgusting, and not healthy (you probably aren't eating here for health reasons, but still.) All the other ingredients taste really cheap and sub-quality as well. The food isn't that interesting and the service was awful. I doubt we'll be coming back.

Zac (unverified)
Sep 15, 2006
We loved it!

We're in town visiting from Santa Monica and found Veg.N.Out by chance. MAN was it delicious. Both veggie burgers were amazing (love the BBQ sauce and the pineapple slices) and the avocado appetizer was delicious. Our only comlaint was that we ate too much for dessert. Very highly recommended.

michelle (unverified)
Sep 11, 2006
too bad about this place

Hi, I was excited about the potential in this little place. But like the other reviewers here, was disappointed by the slow service, the small portions, food made by cheap ingredients and the high prices for such slapped together stuff. this place needs to rethink their whole thingamajig.

Bret (unverified)
Aug 24, 2006
Great Place to Eat!

I absolutely love going to this restaurant when I want vegetarian food without the attitude. One of the main problems with most vegetarian restaurants is the attitude that 'ex-employee' has. One does not have to be vegetarian to own and operate a quality vegetarian restaurant! As for the meat being prepared on the same surfaces as the veggies... that should change (if it is true). However, if you want great tasting food and no vege-nazi attitude, then please go to Veg-n-Out!!

Kim (unverified)
Aug 02, 2006
Just like mom used to make! But without the meat!!

I thoroughly enjoy this restaurant. The food has a 'home cooked' taste, the portions are hearty, and while it may take an extra few minutes to get my order, it is fresh and hot off the grill~just like at home! I highly recommend calling your order in if you are on a tight schedule, but if you decide to eat in, it is worth the wait!

Ex-Employee (unverified)
Aug 01, 2006

I worked as a cook at Veg N' Out. There's no way I would eat there: the owner isn't even vegetarian (she eats fish), and her boyfriend (even employees) cook meat on the grill. They can easily use a frying pan as to not contaminate the grill with that crap. They use the grill because they have no respect for our lifestyle, they just want our money.

Alex (unverified)
Jul 31, 2006
Spectacular Down-Home Vegetarian Fare

If you want good, hearty, down-home vegetarian food with no pretense or snobbery, this is the place for you. The owner described it as 'the kind of food that I make for myself at home,' and that's exactly what it is - burgers, sandwiches, potato wedges, chili dogs - I love it!

Seriously, if you're going to this place expecting pretentious vegetarian entrees or strictly vegan fare, as some of these reviewers seem to be, then this is not the place for you. BUT, if you want simply great food, then come to Veg-n-Out. I recommend the Chili Cheese Burger with bacon and potato wedges - guaranteed to make you wish you had a bigger stomach.


Ziva (unverified)
Jun 30, 2006
I've tried to support this restaurant...

My friend and I have tried to support this place. (I'm a vegetarian, he's not, but loves vegetarian options.)We have tried going multiple times,and liked the food we received, but have always had weird/bad service. The people taking the orders don't know what comes with your order, and don't tell you right away that they are out of almost all of the items you attempt to order until you ask for it. It didn't matter what time of day it was, they were out of most things. They don't seem to know about vegetarianism and the hidden ingredients in sauces etc. It's a nice idea, but they don't seem to have been ready to open, or at least know how to order enough food. Maybe they need to take running a vegetarian restaurant class 101

VeggieChick (unverified)
Jun 15, 2006

As a vegetarian of 16 years, I was delighted to stumble across VegNOut at 8:59pm tonight while out of my normal stomping ground.

What a great diner! No, the main man was not as gregarious as me, but when offered a friendly attitude and appreciation for staying open to accomodate us, I noticed reciprocity (if you have worked in the food industry, you know what I am talking about). They are mellow, and it's not Hooters.

I ordered the Vegan burger w/salad, and my friend got the Rasta burger w/potato wedges. Both of us were stoked when we got our order, thought it was delicious, and had to take part to-go.

Under $20 for two, dinner+sides+ Hansen's sodas. (I pay 7-bucks a pound to build a salad at Whole Foods or to do a buffet at Kung Food). The prices are comparable to most other places I've been in Hillcrest and NorthPark.

The fact that there is NO MEAT in the place is refreshing, as we veggies often have to wonder if our meals are being cooked next to blood when we dine out at the usual restaurant.

Support for and feedback (from vegans especially) regarding veggie establishments is necessary to increase success for these options in San Diego. Looks like they have taken feedback into consideration over the past year based on my experience.

2surf4fun (unverified)
Jun 11, 2006
Great food, local and hope they stick around!

Visiting from back East, friends brought me here for vegetarian lunch. I enjoyed it and came back twice more! Fun and healthy choices. A bit dark inside but nice menu and good selection of drinks. Service was always with a smile though a bit slow. Will definitely return.

Waheguru (unverified)
May 08, 2006
I hope it gets better

Like many other reviewers, I really want this neighborhood veggie restaurant to succeed, but the few times I've been there, I was always a little disappointed. Just last week I got the portobello mushroom burger and the patty was half the diameter of the bun! Another time, I found the falafel burger extremely dry. At least they've included fries with the burgers so I don't have to order separate and then end up with more than I can eat.

Janice (unverified)
May 05, 2006
$7, or $4?

As long as the Kung Food's drive thru has their entirely VEGAN burgers for 4-5 dollars, I'll be eating there instead.

ian (unverified)
Feb 27, 2006

I'm new to San Diego, and have been trying all the veggie restaurants in the area. So many to choose from!!! Veg N Out is one of my favorites. So many veggies burgers to choose from, and the chilli dogs are fabulous! I definately recommend the sweet potato medalions and the South Parker with vegan chedder and avo! mmmmh. The staff have been VERY friendly to me. I'm just excited to see a locally owned restaurant in my neighborhood with so many vegan options!

Leah (unverified)
Feb 17, 2006
I Love Veg-N-Out

My husband and I eat at Veg-N-Out regularly (he's vegetarian, I'm not). The food is great (Little Italy and Crusted Chik Burger are my favs) and the owner is very friendly. Yes, the service is a bit slow, but that problem is easily solved by calling ahead your order. The food may not be as cheap as Jack In The Box, but I don't really expect it to be either. This is a locally owned family business and they are working very hard to make their restaurant a success. I really don't want them to go out of business so I'd hope that we could cut them a little slack and support them so they have the opportunity to grow and improve.

Vegchica (unverified)
Feb 13, 2006
keep the faith

The woman at the counter told me they are adding breakfast and changing menu. They do have a website,

aimee (unverified)
Jan 12, 2006
I also want to like it...

It is so sad when a new place opens up and we all really want to like it- only to be dissapointed! I really hope that the owner reads these reviews and makes soem necessary changes! VegSanDiego is the only place I found Veg.N.Out on the web- so hopefully they are aware of their presence here and will use this feedback to bring their restaurant up to par.

ARgirl (unverified)
Jan 05, 2006
Must Agree

I must agree with the negative reviews. I REALLY wanted to like this place, it's close to my home and is all vegetarian. Unfortunately, the food is just mediocre at best, gross at worst. WAY OVERPRICED. The owner/cook is not knowledgeable about vegan cooking (as witnessed by the sugar and sauces used). The staff is unfriendly and the cash only is a pain. I thought that the poor service/food was because it had just opened so we gave the restaurant a few months before trying again, unfortunately nothing had changed. Your money and time could be spent better.

T.M. (unverified)
Dec 23, 2005
want to like it

I've been to veg n' out twice and the service was decent. The place is clean and they have a cool new patio out front. The menu is a lot clearer and more vegan friendly than in the begining but the food I had was only soso. The first time was the portabella burger which was very messy and okay (when a portabella is done right it is soooo good) the fries, pretty good, and the second time the chili cheese dog and the actual ;
'dog' was mushy which I've never experienced with a veggie dog before. The live fish in the planters seemed a little cramped and it made me sad. The menu is very diverse though so you may find items you like. Personally I'd prefer a place thats dingy with soso service but has awsome food, it's all about the food. I hope things improve, it's a great addition to the area.

Michelle (unverified)
Sep 16, 2005
Good food, but the rest needs work

We ate at Veg-N-Out for dinner last night. I agree with several of the other postings about the counter guy. He definitely has a 'don't bother me' vibe and was not helpful or friendly in the least.

On the other hand, the cook (and possibly owner?) was very nice and friendly. And the food was good, if a bit pricey for what is essentially a veggie sandwich joint. We had a burger with avo, the chik sandwich, and shared a hearts of palm/tomato salad, no drinks ... for $22. Yikes!

It's a great concept, and I hope they make it, but it's kind of mixed bag at this point.

colleen (unverified)
Aug 20, 2005
great food but...

i have gone there twice and the food was really good. i love the smoothies and bbq chicken burger. i like hte atmosphere. both times i went there, i would not say it was fast food. took over a half hr to get served- which is fine but it would be nice if it was more comfortable. maybe a little air conditioning during the summer... also bring cash- no credit card machine there. also it would be cool if there were deserts.

roi (unverified)
Aug 03, 2005

i really enjoyed my experiance at veg-n-out. the food was great and the two people that were working there were very friendly. i will be going back there!