Pizza Fusion

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Location: Hillcrest (map)
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3827 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103

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Anne (unverified)
Aug 30, 2010
Terrible service, served me the wrong ingredient, bland pizza

With only 4 or 5 tables in the entire place, we sat ignored for 15 minutes (after we had been seated by a server.) They served the wrong ingredient on my salad without bothering to tell me or ask if I wanted to order something else.... and weren't apologetic about it at all. Size of pizza is a bad deal for the price - they are really skimpy on toppings and it was dry. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO SOMEPLACE ELSE!

T.M. (unverified)
Apr 21, 2010
It's okay

I like the atmoshere and that they use some organics. The crust is a little too thin and they skimp on the toppings. It's pretty good but not my first pick. During the dinner ruush you may have to wait a while for the pizza as they are also busy with delivery orders. They do have vegan cheese and they bring a vegan parm shaker to the table (nice touch).

Joe (unverified)
Sep 16, 2009
Soy Cheese Pizza

I ordered their very-vegan pizza. If you like soy cheese pizza, I guess it's okay, but for me, one soy cheese pizza tastes pretty much like any other, that is, not anything like a real cheese pizza. Also, for $17 I felt like I was paying a lot of $ for a little pizza. Not much soy cheese, not many veggies, and even much pizza crust.

mk's mama (unverified)
Jul 03, 2009
I love it!

I work in Hillcrest, just one block away from Pizza Fusion. I went there yesterday for the first time and oh boy, it is my new lunch spot should i have a hankering for pizza! They have a couple vegan options including a 'Very Vegan' pizza which was amazing! The personal sized pizza left me stuffed. I love it because you can def take someone here who is NOT a vegetarian/vegan and they'll still have a great experience. They also deliever in their hybrid which I thought was neat. Jessica helped me and she was soo nice! I thought the ambiance was nice and soothing even with being right in the middle of busy hillcrest. It's such a great establishment =)

sorayda (unverified)
May 04, 2009
the vegan pizza was great!!!

I went there like a month ago and ask the waitress about any vegan pizzas..

I had a pizza with different toppings.. and it was great!!! very good pizza and crusty!!! first time i had pizza since i went vegan!!!!

but they didnt had any beverages id like... just water!!

Christina (unverified)
Jan 07, 2009
Now serving mock meats!

Pizza fusion is now serving vegan chicken and vegan beef strips! Great with their BBQ pizza. They also have follow your heard vegan cheese! The best pizza place in town!