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Jyoti-Bihanga serves a wonderful vegetarian and vegan meal in a calm, peaceful atmosphere. On certain Sundays of the month they serve an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet between 11am and 1pm (they are closed the other Sundays). Call for details of which upcoming Sundays they are serving the brunch buffet.

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Location: Normal Hts (map)
Info Hours
3351 Adams Ave.
San Diego, CA 92116
Mo 11am-9pm Fr 11am-9pm
Tu 11am-9pm Sa 12pm-9pm
We 11am-3pm Su [call for hours]
Th 11am-9pm

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Betz (unverified)
Sep 20, 2011
Yummy Comfort Food

Every time I come down to the SD area I have to go here. I crave their Neatloaf all the time! The atmosphere threw me off the first time I came there. I felt like I was in a different land, but I learned to embrace the brightness. Fresh made carrot juice is awesome too!

Kat (unverified)
Oct 22, 2010
Now this is Good Eatin!

Very good food. This place does an excellent job of giving us our guilty pleasures and gets it right without including meat. I usually order Neatloaf with mashed potatoes. And also the burgers will have you looking twice to make sure it's not the real thing. The staff are super friendly. Please try it. Eat in or order to go. Totally 'chill' environment too!

Pat and John (unverified)
Feb 12, 2010
favorite veggie restaurant

Delicious entres made of whole foods, menu changes every few weeks, slight India influence but not overly spicy hot. Expect inventive fresh salads and homey casseroles. Check out their beet puree soup. Only drawback is how to spell or pronounce the name Jyoti Bihanga.

Alan & Ruth (unverified)
Sep 06, 2008

We go here every 1~2 weeks, one of our favorites in SD. Very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Our favorites dishes are the vegan neat-loaf and the mock duck sandwich (ask for grilled onions on top!). Note that they close early on Wednesdays. Suggest to always call ahead.

Joe C. (unverified)
Feb 18, 2008
My Favorite Place To Eat

My body says 'Thank You, Jyoti-Bihanga!'

The homemade soups are hearty and delicious. The unchicken nuggets, curry dishes and wraps are great too.

The sky blue walls and floor to ceiling windows are peaceful and expansive.

Note that the service is friendly and relaxed - no drive up windows - so I wouldn't go there when I am pressed for time.

Angela and Tiffany (unverified)
Jun 25, 2007
joviat began ga na???

we can't pronounce the name of this resturant but the chocolate mousse cake is to die for!!!

stacy (unverified)
Jun 07, 2007
good food

a little strange, but wonderful food. great soups, the neatloaf is pretty awesome. yum

George - a vegan (unverified)
Dec 17, 2006
Their brunch is a great value

Our first visit was during their Sunday brunch. We thought that it was a good value for $8.95, with the exception of the additional drink charge for anything but water. Obviously during an all-you-can-eat brunch service is not really an issue, but the people who helped us find a table and who took care of our bill were very friendly. We were smiled at a lot. The food was great with a lot of vegan options including tofu scramble, potatoes and mushroom gravy, refried beans and brown rice, apple cake, and blueberry pancakes.

mimi (unverified)
Nov 04, 2006
Yes they have good food, but its the customers that keep them in

I have been to JB on numerous occasions over the last year and have enjoyed the food every single time. However, the service has left me feeling a bit nauseated. I have recently decided that if I am going to spend my $$ there ever again they will have to be more respectful of their customers (who keep coming back, despite their horrid service). Yes they have good food, but its the customers that keep them in business!!

Morgan* (unverified)
Sep 29, 2006
Simple and satisfying menu

Jyoti-Bihanga's menu is simple--without a lot of spices and ingredients--but is satisfying. My favorites are the Tempeh Reuben and Vegan Neatloaf (or whatever it's called). The dinner salads are also nice. Some weekends the restaurant offers a breakfast buffet which is very good (but not as good as Kung Food's). Don't go to Jyoti-Bihanga if you are expecting something exciting (or if you're after good table service), but if you're in the mood for wholesome, filling comfort food, check it out.

sfg (unverified)
Sep 16, 2006
raised prices, lowered expectations?

did jyoti just get a LOT more expensive?! this used to be our budget meal, but our last bill was about $25 for two burritos and two drinks. the service is really varied (sometimes they will forget part of an order), the salad is not always fresh, but it's one of the healthiest places to eat in san diego.
the chai is very tasty. the sunday brunch is downright bizarre.

alexandra (unverified)
Sep 15, 2006
the best food in the oddest setting

Jyoti-Bihanga's ambience is odd...while there's nothing overtly cultish about the teachings of Sri Chimnoy, there's something downright creepy about the vibe at Jyoti-Bihanga...until you start eating, and then all is forgiven. They have the best BBQ sauce in town. Their unchicken nuggets and their BBQ mock duck sandwich rule, and they have the most amazing mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. Their Sunday brunch is awesome, too. Reserve all judgment on Jyoti-Bihanga until you start eating.

Wendiewonderful (unverified)
Sep 05, 2006
Not impressed

Yeah, the food is okay, the service is horrible. I have been here on a couple of occasions, and the most recent left a lasting impression since I was completely ignored. This is ironic, since I normally would support the buisness and causes they stand behind, instead they seem like a snotty 'trendy' place forcing people to decide on vegetarian cuisine or a positive dining experience.

Ziva (unverified)
Jun 30, 2006
I've been going here for years but...

I have been a supporter of this restaurant since 1990, but it is mainly for the food. They want you to think they are a peaceful calm restaurant and they they aren't in it for the money, yet they charge a lot for very little, and often forget to check on you or remember parts of your order.(I've had to get up to get my own water refill after asking for more multiple times.) They serve candy with geletin in their brunch, and had no idea about the Great American Meatout. I called to ask if they were doing anything for it, and was hung up on because I guess they didn't understand what I was asking about and maybe they thought I was a telemarketer. Great food! Bad service and high prices.

VeggieLover (unverified)
Jun 08, 2006

I do love that Jyoti-Bihanga is in SD - we need it badly. I wish the food were consistantly more fresh and that the service were more friendly - oh, and that they'd work on the dining area a bit. The air conditioner is often blasting and although servers see you shivering, you have to ask to have it turned down (occ'd several times) and some thorough cleaning needs to happen especially the vent near the ceiling where there is dust hanging down - yuck.

David ag (unverified)
Feb 18, 2006
Holy crap-chocolate PB pie!

Had the Vegan neatloaf for lunch, which of course was great. But wait gets better. the chocolate peanut butter pie was one of the best Vegan desserts I have had in town. Amazing.

Lisa (unverified)
Jan 09, 2006
Vegan Neatloaf!

What else do I have to say? The Neatloaf sandwich is devine. Everything else on their menu is delicious too. Reasonable prices.

ARgirl (unverified)
Jan 05, 2006

Such good food and reasonably priced. The tea of the day is usually delicious and the neatloaf is enough to keep me vegan. Wonky hours though so be advised. The cooking classes they have are pretty great too.

jessica (unverified)
Dec 15, 2005
luv it

i love this place they have really good cookies my favorite is the neatloaf and mash potatoes the soy nuggets are great too

Linda N (unverified)
Oct 26, 2005
Strange but good

I really like their salads. Lemon Tahini dressing and Sesame Herb dressing are the best. I love the Ensalada Mexicana! Their neatloaf is okay, I get it often, but some days it is a little bit suspicious, like it has been around too long. I love their mashed potatoes and gravy and sometimes I just get that as a side and a salad. Their specials are often worth trying... If they have a fish special, try it... The one with the royal rice and the coconut sauce... OH I always just want to lick the plate.

doren (unverified)
Oct 25, 2005
Nice and Friendly and Good Food

Pro: Spinich Pie Special to die for. Good food large portions. Generally nice atmosphere. Friendly attentative help. Vegan friendly. Reasonable prices. Full Dinners from $8 to $11. Big Sandwiches and Wraps for less. One of my favorites.

Cons: They occasionally take off to be with their Guru. I usually have Kung Food as my alternate if they are closed.

Tyler (unverified)
Apr 25, 2005
Great stuff..

Though religious people might be scared away by the indian dress / religion of the waiters, they are courteous / quiet people. I didn't find the service to be horribly slow but it was noticable. the place is always pretty packed and rightfully so, the food is amazing. I know it has been said before but the neat-loaf is amazing. I also tried the 'chicken nuggets' and it was good. the carrot ginger soup was AMAZING and really cheap. I have not tried the buffet but i hear good things. I second the 'call ahead' comment.. while planning on meeting up there for dinner with friends on April 7, 2005 we got to the restaurant only to find out we had landed in the window week where they are closed and in New York for their spiritual retreat. the closed retreat dates are on the door, but it is one week twice a year I believe. call ahead! highly recommend the place. also, after dinner see some live music at lestats coffee house two stores to the west. www.lestats.com

T.M. (unverified)
Apr 22, 2005
A good meal every time

I have been eating at Jyoti's for years. All vegetarian and vegan friendly, the food quality is always consistant, wholesome and delicious. My favorites are the mock duck BBQ sandwich and the Vegan neatloaf with mashed potaoes and gravy. The soups are always good and they'll give you a sample first (I recomend the coconut beet). The service is curtious, the ambiance is relaxing.
One warning: I always call first because besides closing early on Wednesdays the folks at Jyoti's go on spiritual retreat once or twice a year and close the restaurant for a few days.

Pete (unverified)
Dec 24, 2004
Really Neat Neatloaf

As a relatively new vegetarian heading towards vegan I'm happy to know about Jyoit-Bihanga. I've ordered to go food a few times there. Both times I ordered the Neatloaf (sandwich only) they gave me the taters and gravy. There's a difference in price but I'm not sure if I paid it or not. Only complaint otherwise it's great food. The people are just what you would expect from vegetarians.I mean there polite and softspoken. I recommend the neatloaf and the nachos. Yummy.

Linda (unverified)
May 06, 2004
Jyoti-Bihanga: I Love It!

I love eating here because the atmosphere is so nice. The waiters and waitresses are very friendly and look beautiful in their indian attire. I always get the avocado cheese sandwich or the avocado turkey wrap. start everything off with chicken nuggets. the desserts are a bit too sweet for my liking and I don't recommend it.

Linda_vegan (unverified)
Feb 08, 2004
our old standby

The service is often unbearably slow and just plain inefficient... food coming out in the wrong order and such. I am a regular none-the-less. The vegan neatloaf with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy, neatloaf sandwich, smoothies, plb burger, herbal chai, salad with sesame herb dressing are all wonderful. I HATE their curries though, beware. Every single time I have tried one, I couldn't even eat it, but am too kind to send it back. The hummus is usually outstanding but sometimes strangely mustardy. I didn't appreciate the brunch.

Megan (unverified)
Dec 19, 2003
Highlight of every trip to SD

I live in Chicago, but frequently visit relatives in San Diego. Every time I visit, I must go to Jyoti Bihanga. This may be my favorite restaurant in the world. The food is excellent and the restaurant is so beautiful and peaceful. The service is always slow, so be prepared to relax and take some time out of your normally hectic day. When I was there in Nov 2003, I had the Tempeh Reuben, which I crave to eat again. It was delicious and a great substitute for the meat item I miss the most in my 20 years of vegetarianism. The Chai tea is also excellent and the vegan tofu pie they had that day was outstanding.

JeSuis (unverified)
Dec 16, 2003
your mom was right

the food is great, and the all you can eat is definitly worth the money, just make sure your really hungry when you go so you don't throw up all over yourself like i did from eating too much

QBN (unverified)
Dec 07, 2003

my must-order dishes there: the mock duck BBQ sandwich and mashed potatoes on the side. haven't quite made it for the Sunday brunch, and i'm sure that's quite a tasty experience.

Robb Frey (unverified)
Sep 02, 2003
Best Veg Restaurant I've Been To.

I went because of its Zagat's rating, not knowing anything but that, and that it's all-veg. Great desserts, vegan substitutions, and coffee. I went there as a vegan, eating with a vegetarian and a militant, stubborn meat-eater (who we forced to go here, and to a few other veg places while she was vacationing here :-) ): We loved it, and even the meat-eater said she'd be willing to go back to THIS one! :-)

Leon Czolgosz (unverified)
Sep 01, 2003
Where your stomach attains enlightenment

Amazing food. The every-other-weekend-or-so all-you-can-eat is great when you have the $8, and so is their famous "NeatLoaf" (it used to be made by them and sold at stores all over San Diego, I hear). Check out the picture of Jyoti lifting the weights!

John (unverified)
Jun 22, 2003
Way cool!

Recommend mashed potatoes with gravy, soups, curry and vegan desserts. Look for their specials posted on the board. Might be a bit out there for introducing non-vegans to the scene.

Kristopher (unverified)
May 04, 2003
great place

This restaurant has a great variety of salads, sandwiches, entrees, and an inexpensive all-you-can eat sunday brunch which is fabulous! It's also a really beautiful place with friendly servers.

David (unverified)
Apr 30, 2003
Sunday brunch rules.

All you can eat tofu scramble,vegan pancakes, biscuits and gravy Wow! Awesome stuff. There main menu is good too but brunch is where it is at.