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4879 Voltaire St.
San Diego, CA 92107-2107
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Betz (unverified)
Sep 20, 2011

I wish they were open every day! I had an enormous slice of german chocolate cake and cup of very fresh and delightful coffee while waiting for my supreme pizza to bake. I must've looked like I was having an orgasm to passerbys! The pizza was also amazing! My only suggestion would be to use Daiya cheese instead. The waitstaff was very friendly also.

Michele P. (unverified)
Jan 04, 2010
Supreme Pizza

Totally delcious pizza pie - nice texture and thickness to crust. Toppings were plentiful and tasty. Service from Adalberto was memorable! We look forward to trying some of those savory strudels as well!

jenny (unverified)
Jul 20, 2007

I go to Stephanie's every week. I have tried practically everything they offer and they all taste great. Maria and the Stephanie's gang are wonderful people and make you feel like you are dining in your own kitchen! Maria can make a mean Mexican mocha (she makes the mocha mix fresh with nutmeg and cinnamon). I love the spinach savory studel and the apricot and marzipan sweet studel is great, especially when the apricots are fresh! The passion vanilla cake is so moist and delicious! You have to go often and try it all! I think i am going to go grab one of their pizzas now...

cole (unverified)
Dec 30, 2006
First timer

I went to Stephanies bakery today for the first time and i had an amazing experience. I read all the reviews and didnt know what to try so i went with the cheese pizza and the apricot strudel and a brownie for later. The pizza was so good, the cheese just melted in my mouth. I made sure i didnt eat in the morning so i could have enough room for dessert and let me tell you thank goodness i did. the pizza alone filled me up and when i went home i ate the apricot strudel and trust me you'll want to eat this slowly to savor every bite you take. BY FAR the best bakery i would highly recommend this place!

Elizabeth Crawford (unverified)
Oct 17, 2006
What an Incredible place!

I've recently tried Maria's vegan rasberry muffins and they were delicious! And oh the vegan can't find anything so delicious and fresh in San Diego or anywhere I know. I love that they offer new items all the time! And the crew...they are great! I'm always greeted with a hug hello and goodbye when I leave. They are such happy people.

Sean Green (unverified)
Jun 19, 2006
Amazing pizza & strudel

The veg pizza is amazing! super low-carb dough, the freshest of veggies, made as you like and ready within 1/2 hour. Tastes is more than delicious. Please try these strudels, the Apricot with marzipan almond with the skins left on, the cherry-tofu, and the strawberry-tofu. Sooooooo Goooooooood!!

Rex (unverified)
May 22, 2006
Under new Managment, again.

Some of the items in the a few strudels taste like they're canned (i.e., not fresh), but everything is still delicious! New items pop up nearly every time I visit and the staff/owner are incredibly nice.

I seriously love this place, Maria and staff are doing an excellent job continually improving Stephanie's.

Fat girl that loves yummies (unverified)
May 05, 2006
amazing food, awesome people

I've had only amazing experiences at stephanies bakery. Cozy athmosphere, delicious food, and sincerely nice people.

Joann (unverified)
Mar 06, 2006
Great food and service

The cakes/frosting, studels, and hummus were amazing. The owners, Maria and Vanesa, were so helpful and sweet. All the customers who walked in seemed to have developed a great friendship with the owners. This created a great atmosphere.

Norman (unverified)
Jan 30, 2006
Incredible food, incredible people!

I absolutely love Stephanies and I cannot express this enough. Really, more people should go, it's awesome. Even if strudels arent your thing, they make pretty good sandwiches and awesome pizzas with a variety of gourmet items. They use the best vegan follow your heart cheese and you can have pesto sauce instead of the traditional sauce if you'd like. Aside from the incredible food, the people who work there are so sweet and nice. I've seriously never had a more genuine, and awesome dining experience.

Liz (unverified)
Jan 22, 2006
Delicous & beautiful!!

I've recently started ordering vegan cakes to take home and cut up and freeze for my desserts. I love the lemon cake with rasberry filling and butter cream cheese frosting with shredded coconut on the outside! I'm hooked!

Elizabeth (unverified)
Dec 27, 2005
I'm hooked!

It's a routine for me to shop at Stephanie's weekly. I live in Julian and I'd travel far still to get there. The new owner Marie is quite a talented vegan baker/cook and has a great personality!

Mona (unverified)
Jul 04, 2005

I just spent over $17 dollars buying a variety of strudels and cookie bars for two. Delicious! We really liked the apricot-marzipan (like almond paste) strudel and the prune-poppy seed-cheesecake strudel. Hard to believe they're vegan.

Jennifer (unverified)
May 24, 2005

I just had Stephanie's Strudel again, and I was just as impressed as I was the first time I tried it. I also made room for an espresso drink as well as their new pizza; both were delicious. Thank you Stephanie's for supporting our community!

yallia (unverified)
Sep 13, 2004
good strudel

the savory vegan strudels are amazing, and served with a nice baby greens salad. however, they need to dump the dairy and honey they keep for coffee customers and be an all-vegan establishment.

yallia (unverified)
Sep 13, 2004
good strudel

the savory vegan strudels are amazing, and served with a nice baby greens salad. however, they need to dump the dairy and honey they keep for coffee customers and be an all-vegan establishment.

Amy GC (unverified)
Apr 21, 2004
So Sad!

I was so sad to walk into Stephanie's yesterday and see that she is selling the business! I hope that you have the chance to try her offerings before she closes. It's a sad loss in a community that truly needs this sort of business. She'll be missed.

veggiemomma (unverified)
Mar 25, 2004
good vegan bakery

Stephanie's cakes are really good, and if you need a vegan wedding cake or specialty cake, check her out first. Her cakes tend to be a bit pricey, though, but think of it as you need to pay for what you get. I really never cared for the strudel,though, it's too mainstream for me. She used to be the baker at the old Sunshine Natural Foods in North Park and her creations here beyond outstanding.

Shana (unverified)
Jan 26, 2004
great vegan bakery

yummy food. hard to tell vegan. cream cheese fillings taste so real. wonderful wedding cakes. stephanie is nice and friendly, i go there every time im in san diego and she always recongnizes me, takes time to talk, get to know you.

David (unverified)
Dec 07, 2003
did the cake tasting for our wedding plans

wow.The carrot cake with vegan cream cheese frosting is amazing. also till christmas they have a pumpkin

cari (unverified)
May 04, 2003
yummy vegan cheesecake

for our anniversary, my partner surprised me with a vegan chocolate cheesecake. it was sooooo good. you can get birthday and wedding cakes there too, just order ahead of time.