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People's organic co-op has been in Ocean Beach since 1973. The market is entirely vegetarian store, and the deli is entirely vegan.The building is largely powered by solar panels. You'll find a great selection of organic produce and fresh baked goods.

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Location: Ocean Beach (map)
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4765 Voltaire St.
San Diego, CA 92107
Mo 8am-9pm Fr 8am-9pm
Tu 8am-9pm Sa 8am-9pm
We 8am-9pm Su 8am-9pm
Th 8am-9pm

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Laura (unverified)
Jul 10, 2006
Wouldn't shop anywhere else

Going vegetarian has opened a whole new world for me these last six months and one of my best finds is the OB People's Co-op. The prices are competent, the employees are friendly and very helpful, the selection is fabulous and if they don't have what you're looking for you can always have it ordered. I love that the gorgeous produce section is all organic and frequently contains local produce. It's more of a drive than I would normally take to go grocery shopping, but knowing that I'm supporting my local economy and sticking with green choices balances out the small bit of extra gas I use to get there (trust me, I seriously debated this issue for a week before I reached this conclusion).

Hillary (unverified)
Mar 04, 2006

This place is really yummie. The store downstairs is nice and small and has some choices Henry's (close to my house) doesn't. I do think it's kinda pricey but it's worth it. I LOVE eating in the deli upstairs... YUM!!!!

Mae (unverified)
Jun 22, 2005
All-around All-star

People's is smaller, but leagues ahead of Whole Foods. All organic, vegetarian, aids the community, and environment. Their prices are great, produce, always beautiful, and their deli is THE best around. Their breakfast/brunch offerings are phenomenal (I think they are the best in town)! Would be great if they could get a juice/shake bar like Jimbo's...

Cordelia Mendoza (unverified)
Dec 02, 2004
Great store for produce, Knowledgable Helpful Staff!

This is the best health food store you could imagine. The staff in the supplements department is unbelievably helpful. We love the vegetables and juices. The only thing needed at this place is more food in their beautiful deli which always seems to be under-stocked.

Stacey (unverified)
Oct 25, 2004
Beautiful Co-Op Community

Beautiful atmosphere, beautiful people, beautiful produce. Thanks!

Kelsey (unverified)
Sep 21, 2004
Nice, but a bit too far away...

I love this store. It sells the best kind of foods, and it's very environment friendly. The one drawback (for me) is that I live about fortyfive minutes away, on a good day of traffic. (and how many of those are there?) That's my reason to rate down. Otherwise, 5 of 5.

veggiemomma (unverified)
Mar 16, 2004
mixed results

The produce and bulk foods department are the best around! It's like being in a candy store. They rock! It is where I spend the majority of my dollars when I am there.

For the rest of the store, the product mix is way too sterile and eclectic and often so high priced (especially the body care department -- what ever happened to value pricing??), and often, I need to go elsewhere to pick up what I need or special order which can be very inconvenient with travelling back and forth with a small child.

There is so much potential in the beautiful deli area and could be way, way better than it is. Suggestions... a coffee/juice bar; hot smorgasbord-style bar (kind of Down to Earth Foods in Hawaii if anyone has been there); and catering services. For the amount of people that I always see behind the counter and kitchen one would believe that they would be pumping out that great vegan food, but I don't believe that I have ever visited the store when the deli case was full.

QBN (unverified)
Dec 07, 2003
THE spot...

...to pick up groceries and other essentials. mostly organic produce, decent bulk selection, eco-conscious building design, and co-op set-up.

monte (unverified)
May 12, 2003
co-op is worth the trip.

this is the best place to shop for vegans and eco-minded folks. the produce selection is great and i love eating at the deli upstairs too.

cari (unverified)
May 07, 2003
shop here!!!

i encourage everyone who cares to support the co-op. there is NO flesh to be found, and the produce is almost entirely organic. great bulk section, deli, and herbal healthcare.