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Large selection of organic produce. Whole Foods does not sell products which contain ingredients considered unhealthful or unethical, such as partially hydrogenated oil, MSG, nitrates/nitrates, foie gras. See the full list here.

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Location: Hillcrest (map)
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711 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92103
Mo 8am-10pm Fr 8am-10pm
Tu 8am-10pm Sa 8am-10pm
We 8am-10pm Su 8am-10pm
Th 8am-10pm
Location: La Jolla (map)
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8825 Villa La Jolla Dr
La Jolla, CA 92037
Mo 7am-10pm Fr 7am-10pm
Tu 7am-10pm Sa 7am-10pm
We 7am-10pm Su 7am-10pm
Th 7am-10pm
Location: Del Mar (map)
Info Hours
2600 Via De La Valle
Del Mar, CA 92014
Mo 7am-10pm Fr 7am-10pm
Tu 7am-10pm Sa 7am-10pm
We 7am-10pm Su 7am-10pm
Th 7am-10pm
Location: Encinitas (map)
Info Hours
687 S. Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA 92024
Mo 8am-9pm Fr 8am-9pm
Tu 8am-9pm Sa 8am-9pm
We 8am-9pm Su 8am-9pm
Th 8am-9pm

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Betz (unverified)
Sep 20, 2011
One of my favs!

Way better selection that Trader Joe's and Henry's combined!

Adam (unverified)
May 09, 2009
Not for the purist

Whole foods does NOT carry enough organic local produce. Just about all their fruits are conventional and/or from out of the country. Their bakery also has very little organic desserts.

I am a vegetarian, so I am biased, but I agree, the meat and dairy dept is way too big. I do eat organic cheese and organic eggs from time to time but the amount in wholefoods is obscene.

Whole foods is not for the hard core purist. If you are hardcore, go to Jimbo's or Peoples, like me.

Whole food is the kiddy pool of the alternative health movement, they cater more to conventional eaters who want a slightly more healthy diet, or they want to shop where the celebrities too to feel boughie, who knows.

The parking lot is also way too small, plus it's over crowded, a lot of people unnecessarily shop there and buy conventional stuff you could get at food 4 less or any conventional grocer.

On the up side, the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, and the organic 365 brand and vegetarian stuff is competitively priced.

Jacko (unverified)
Jul 03, 2007
Whole Foods Market no longer the same -try Jimbo's

I used to buy at WFM but switched to Jimbo's 100%. WFH has changed A LOT in the last few years as they have more pressure on profitability and they have traded off some of their original ideology IMHO. Lots of non-organic, non-local produce. Huge amounts of flesh; jam packed, a huge corporation... Jimbo's is local, small, has everything I need and the shopping experience is far greater. Lots of vegan prepared foods and bakery and they answer every single comment you write on the board.

mosca (unverified)
Aug 09, 2006
great experience if you like seeing flesh hanging from the ceili

This is the worst Whole Foods that I have ever been in. I am from LA, and in the Whole foods on Santa Monica and Fairfax, they have much less meat and offer raw vegan food.
I was told that each Whole Foods carries items particular to the area they are located. So Hillcrest is so motivated by flesh consuption that they not only have as much meat as a regular store, but offer no raw vegan food?
I am having a hard time differentiating from this Whole Foods and another corporate chain. They do have good personal care products but the stench of blood fills the store. Rancho's is farther, but worth it.
This place sucks!!!

Christopher McKay (unverified)
Aug 07, 2006
Good Selection, Strange Employees

They don't carry any Zen Bakery Production (from LA), like Jimbos does, but they have an overall great selction of other natural organic products. This store has a better fish selection than most San Diego organic stores. Whole foods also gives many classes on how to eat/cook healthy. Although it gets crowded at times, this stores has been postive for me--except for the employees. Many of them act strange and I even heard two employees talking about doing drugs (very unprofessional).

delphi (unverified)
Jul 28, 2004
corporate flesh peddlers

a large percentage of whole foods' profits come from their sale of massive amounts of flesh to the upper class.

veggiemomma (unverified)
Mar 16, 2004
Whole Foods CEO is VEGAN

I will admit that Whole Foods Market is not my favorite place to shop due to its huge department full of flesh products and often sky-high prices, but I do admire the fact that John Mackey, Whole Foods Market CEO, has personally gone 100% vegan. In their last monthly store flier, the title was

Sara (unverified)
Dec 10, 2003
My unbaised vegetarian opinion on whole foods.

Whole Foods, although it sells lots of meat and cheese is the most conscious corporation out there i believe. I think that its noble of them to serve Organic meats and cheeses that are farmed in the most humane way possible. People are going to eat meat, so you might as well raise their consious about that.
Whole Foods is great, but beware because sometimes they mislabel the stuff in the deli. There are vegan things that aren't labeled vegan and the things labeled Vegi that are prepared with the meat or cheese (so just ask first to make sure!)
Whole foods prides itself on not seperating people, by color, gender, or eating habits, all we need is just a little more love from the ones who get way too militant on veganism.

Justin O'Hare (unverified)
Dec 07, 2003
No meat dept. bigger than most homes does.

Whole foods is just into whole money. there is nothing wholesome about there giant meat and cheese departments.

Matt (unverified)
Oct 28, 2003
corporate doesn't make it bad....

heh, i like whole foods. you can get TONS of hard to find products and they have a great selection of wine/beer.

its a little pricey, but they have quality products. you get what you pay for.

cari (unverified)
May 07, 2003
beware of wholefoods

corporate store - huge animal flesh department, veal and factory farmed duck. there is a boycott of wholefoods because of their refusal to remove these products of cruelty. support the OB co-op !