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Most Henry's stores have become Sprouts, but two remain. Henry's is not exactly a health food store, but Henry's carries a lot of health food staples. What is nice about Henry's is their convenience. Each Henry's is different. Some have more vegan products than others. Henry's also has an extensive alternative health and beauty aids department.

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Location: Temecula (map)
Info Hours
32413 Temecula Pkwy.
S. Temecula, CA 925292
Mo 7am-10pm Fr 7am-10pm
Tu 7am-10pm Sa 7am-10pm
We 7am-10pm Su 7am-10pm
Th 7am-10pm
Location: Rancho Temecula (map)
Info Hours
39606 Winchester
Temecula, CA 92591
Mo 7am-10pm Fr 7am-10pm
Tu 7am-10pm Sa 7am-10pm
We 7am-10pm Su 7am-10pm
Th 7am-10pm

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Mia (unverified)
Jan 11, 2007
Chula Vista's 3rd St Henry's

I go to the one on 3rd Avenue in Chula Vista and it's always clean, the produce is always fresh and the employees are always helpful. We use to shop at Alberston's but began to shop there because the prices are cheaper and the produce is fresher. I've gone to the one in Poway before and it wasn't nearly as nice as the Chula Vista one.

Heather (unverified)
Oct 24, 2006

I go to the PB Henry pretty often (twice a month). Their produce is awful on a consistent basis. Bananas that look fine on the outside open to brown mush. Apples are mealy. Pineapples, Peaches and nectarines are moldy. The canteloupe are a breeding ground for fruit flies that run rampant in the store. This place is a joke. Isn't California the produce capital of the US? I used to get better (and cheaper) produce at the Shaw's in Somerville, MA.

Nancy Gonzalez (unverified)
May 03, 2006
Love it!

I have been vegan for a couple of month now so Henry's was a great place to start!!! It has many products so I'm just glad they have vegan food!

sam (unverified)
Oct 03, 2005

I shop at the Henry's in Poway and I've found that their produce is usually pretty bad, but their bulk foods are great. They usually have a lot of organic and vegan foods (they have a large selection of soy ice creams, milk, etc etc). I always make a point to stop their when grocery shopping. : )

Steve Case (unverified)
Oct 03, 2004
Vast Inprovement - Great to Shop!

We shop the two stores in Chula Vista. The “big store” on 3rd is awesome. They have rapidly expanded their organic produce department and are adding items almost daily. We have been totally pleased with the selections throughout the store, the personnel and the stores in general. It's kind of neat when you are shopping for something “specific at TJ's” and they tell you “You will probably have to go to Henry's to get that!”

Jacob Luna (unverified)
Sep 28, 2004
much improved

Of all of the Henry's locations, the one on 4439 Genessee Ave is by far the best. They have made many improvements and the quality of the produce is great! The few problems I have had were handled to my satisfaction.

B. Godfrey (unverified)
Apr 21, 2004
Room for improvement

Recent purchases from Henry's in Escondido (April, 2004): strawberries - awful, cantaloupe - awful, watermelon - awful. Three up and three down in the fruit department. I also asked for Tempeh and had to go through three people before the fourth one even knew what it was, then learned that they don't carry it. They do have a good bulk foods section and extensive health/beauty if you're into that kind of thing.

Victoria Blankenship (unverified)
May 28, 2003
could be better

The Univ. Heights location has very little organic produce/bulk items, and their coffee isn't fair trade/organic either. Their selection of health and beauty is really good though.