Kyber Pass

Veg-Friendly Restaurant
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Khyber Pass is an exotic and elegant dining experience. The finest in Afghani cuisine, Khyber Pass has several vegetarian/vegan options. Highlights include: Vegetable Shish Kabob (a skewer of marinated vegetables brushed with a lemon and saffron sauce). Many of the vegetarian dishes are served with yogurt so vegans be sure to ask about it.

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Location: Hillcrest (map)
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523 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92103
Mo 11:30am-10pm Fr 11:30am-10pm
Tu 11:30am-10pm Sa 11:30am-10pm
We 11:30am-10pm Su 11:30am-10pm
Th 11:30am-10pm

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Karen (unverified)
Jul 17, 2008
one of my favorites!

I am a little confused about some of the reviews on here. I now live in NYC but when I lived in San Diego before (I was a vegetarian) this was one of my favorite restaurants. It is beautiful inside, has sidewalk seating in pretty Hillcrest and a vegetarian section on the menu.

I am back in town visiting (now a vegan) and this is the first place I asked to go. I was worried that everything would have dairy in everything and when I started asking the server said, 'oh, you want vegan, no problem' and brought me out an amazing veggie platter that had a dozen type of food on it. It was fabulous (fyi, this was an alteration of the platter on the menu that had dairy.)

The server was very knowledgeable about what dressing I could have on my salad and about bread ingredients (the naan is vegan, but not like Indian naan bread).

It was a perfect lunch with perfect service. I feel like I am raving a bit too much but I am just surprised about some of the reviews, everyone I have brought there has been back and I once gave a gift certificate for a gift.

There may not be a huge variety of different meal options for vegans, but my one option had 5 times more items than my carnivorous friend's meal.

Michelle (unverified)
Jan 18, 2008
horrible to vegans!

even though some of these reviews said they were vegan friendly, i called ahead of time to make sure and they said no problem. when i got there however, our server (who is one of the owners) was rude and unhelpful, rolling her eyes at me when i asked about the vegan food, and cut me off while i was ordering. when we got our food, mine had chicken in it!!! we ordered off the vegetarian menu, so i dont understand where the meat came from. she rolled her eyes again when i sent it back. i was eventually brought a dish the was nothing like i ordered, just frozen peas with tomato sauce and rice. she was continually rude and took our plates away before we were done. i will never go back here and no vegans should.

Katie Hammer (unverified)
Jan 03, 2008
Great food!

My boyfriend and I just went here a couple nights ago. We were very impressed by how knowledgeable our server was about what is vegan on the menu. He is very friendly. The food was amazing too. We will be back!

jeannette (unverified)
Aug 17, 2006
not worth the visit

My boyfriend and I went here for a romantic send off dinner and we were sorely dissapointed. The food is NOT spicy when its advertised as so, the vegitarian selection is sparse, the portions are small, the food is Indian not Afghani. In addition too all of this the service was almost non existant and the prices were inflated for the quality and taste of the food. Go somewhere else, this is a poor choice. We will never return there.

Marvin (unverified)
May 19, 2005
good stuff

The kebabs are fantastic (but not vegetarian)!

fishygirl (unverified)
Nov 14, 2004
suprising it has veggie food and so good

I thought the food was wonderful. I think you should go check it out. You will not be dissappointed by the veggie options.

Steve (unverified)
Jun 25, 2004
Few vegan selections

I only ate here once and would not go back; there were too few vegan options, and the veggie kabob took forever but was way undercooked. Instead try Celadon thai across the street.

David (unverified)
Jun 06, 2004
Fancy,but I have had better Afghan

The food is yummy but there is not a ton of Vegan options.The atmosphere is really nice. Room for improvement.

Zachary Williams (unverified)
Mar 12, 2004
Excellent Atmposphere

Not bland at all, an excellent atmosphere, especially interesting Afghan theme (and staff), it seemed like they put effort into making the veg food on par with the rest of their menu, very appetizing. Only problem would be a small selection.