Harar Ethiopian Restaurant

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Ethiopian food right in North Park! Nine vegetarian options including a veggie combo plate served on yummy injera bread. An inexpensive ethnic treat. The buffet has all the veggie items and it is a great deal.

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Location: North Park (map)
Info Hours
2432 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92104
Mo 11am-10pm Fr 11am-10pm
Tu 11am-10pm Sa 11am-10pm
We 11am-10pm Su
Th 11am-10pm

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Michael (unverified)
Jul 17, 2008
Not open on Sunday!

We tried to eat there on Sunday, and the place was locked up! They apparently are not open on Sunday :(

Michael (unverified)
Jul 09, 2007
get a life

well... after reading all the fantastic reviews I thought 'sure, will give it a try'. Don't care that the place is more like a barn. Made it more fun. Dishes were okay. And I mean okay. There was nothing four-star about them. What's this obscession with eating with hands? Don't you do that already every day at fast food places? Now the serious part. Injera bread is probably the most primitive version of bread that one could come up with. Not for me to judge the gastronomic heritage but there is something fundamentally wrong with it. Don't care for the exact recipe (it's a pancake afterall!!) but it seems that it may have too much acidity and fat. Baaaad combination when you consume carbs (think greasy spaghetti with extra sour marinara). Sometimes you can offset the indigestion by consuming sweet stuff. Harar's honey wine didn't help. So, don't eat injera or have a bottle of tums in your pocket.

Ana (unverified)
May 07, 2006

This place was sooo good! The food was amazing, especially the eggplant. I really enjoyed the Tej and the lentil sambussas as well. Very reasonable prices too.

local san diegan (unverified)
Apr 07, 2006
yum yum

This was my first time enjoying Ethiopian food and I must say, it wont be my last. DE-licious. I went for the vegetarian sampler plate and enjoyed every single bite of it, seriously, every bite. I don't know how they made those vegetables taste that good, but, wow, they did. My only complaint would be the bread, which is this really thin spongy type that is used to eat your food with (instead of utensils.) This sounds good, but in my opinion, the bread tasted the way you might expect an actual sponge to taste - moist, tart, and not quite my style. Also, after I finished my tasty meal, I noticed a pool of grease underlying the bread on the plate. Not sure what sort of oil is used for cooking, but they certainly don't skimp on it.

Mona (unverified)
Jul 04, 2005
Yummy and comfortable

My honey and I ate dinner at this restaurant on a Thursday, our first night of a recent trip to San Diego. Parked right in front of the restaurant. Highly recommend the veggie combo plate. Our favorites were the nicely flavored eggplant and the potato and cabbage. Will have to try making the bread at home sometime. I liked the use of the straw baskets. Service was prompt and courteous. Loved the covered outdoor dining area. Fun place to share a meal. If I lived in the area, I would imagine the restaurant to be a fun place to hold a casual party with family and friends.

Marijayne (unverified)
Mar 30, 2005
Love it, very grateful!

Its wonderful when you go into a restaurant and see natives working comfortably there. One thing thats important when going to any ethnic cuisine is that you see the natives eating there too, and I sure did! Been there on weekdays, weekends, at all times. Love it, and I feel grateful to have a restaurant in my neighborhood that feels so traditional and has so many delicious veg dishes. Enjoy!

Rev. Uncle Banana Head (unverified)
Jun 17, 2004
A flavorful furor of delectability

I have been very interested in North Eastern African cusine for some time, and this was a perfect opportunity to further my own knowledge in this area. I was previously given the impression by your web site that this particular eatery would be one in which my own dietary paremeters (i.e. veganism) would be met. Both her and I got ready in our won respective ways, and we were off. We managed to find parking on the very hectic El Cajon Blvd. and went inside. We found ourselves within a very quaint, and nicely decorated cafe-like restaurant, complete with decor suggestive of Ethiopia, as one would well expect.

We were immediately seated, and our orders were soon taken. We both ordered the oft praised, vegetarian combo plate. We waited a time, and then the food finally arrived, in all its splendor. The food was served more or less in the traditional Ethiopian fashion. Placed before us was a large tray covered in injera bread (spongy teff flour bread), upon which the food rested. Also served was a basket of rolled injera strips, to be used to sop the food up with. Needless to say, the delectability of the food was dazzling. A tour de force! I called the restaurant to ask them if they cooked any of the vegetarian menu items, and they told me that they don't use butter.

David (unverified)
Dec 14, 2003
Hard review to write.

I wnt on a friday night with my partner and we got the buffet. There were several tasty vegan options. My favorites were the collards and eggplant dishes. The dinner buffet I think is more expensive and when we went the food was cold. Despite that I enjoyed it and thought it was tasty. I think lunch buffet is probably a better bet.

QBN (unverified)
Oct 27, 2003
good veggie-friendly buffet

went on a friday night and checked out their all-you-can-eat buffet. quite a few items were veggie (although i wasn't that careful to see if any were also vegan). kind of small and cozy. really like the outdoor seating.