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All Vegan Restaurant
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Currently, the kitchen is only open during All You Can Eat buffet dinners. Check website for details. Hopefully it will reopen soon, after renovations.

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Location: La Jolla (map)
Info Hours
Scholar's Drive on UCSD campus
La Jolla, CA
Mo Fr
Tu Sa
We Su

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Erin (unverified)
Sep 30, 2011
Terrible Place

Food was bad and the staff was rude. These people are rude beyond belief and inefficient too! I waited 30 minutes for a sandwich? Please! And the guy behind the counter had an attitude when I asked how much longer it would be. Then the sandwich came and it was soggy and tasted bland! Radical is right, the help and food are radically bad just like their politics.

Maddie (unverified)
May 14, 2009

I strongly disagree with most of the other reviews. The people at the Che are friendly and the food is yummy. It is somewhat expensive, but totally worth it.

Student (unverified)
Jun 17, 2008

I'm a UCSD student and I was totally pumped about the Che Cafe. Unforunately the people are really rude and the food is horrible. Everyone there acts like you are totally below them, and they barely stay open because they're so dirty (they got a D rating and then got a chance to make some changes, who knows if they actually did).
Not worth the trip, or the hassel.

vegan facsist (unverified)
Oct 12, 2004
MIY (make it yourself)

Get involved in the All You Can Eats...they're lots of fun!

undercover (unverified)
Feb 09, 2004
mediocre at best

The food at the Che Cafe is less than mediocre. The food is oily... very oily. The food is a bit over-priced, but it is a collective and worth supporting IF they can provide good food.

The All You Can Eats are very tastey.

QBN (unverified)
Dec 07, 2003
collective solidarity

i've only been at the official cafe cafe (the 7PM to 2AM deal) once, and it was a good experience. good people there, and vegan food delights. the all-you-can-eat dinners are also lovely.