Hing Long Supermarket

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This Asian supermarket has a a lot of mock meat items and inexpensive deals on things like noodles,coconut milk, and other Asian staples.

Great deals on TVP, mock fishes and Ham. All kinds of hard to find Asian veggie treats. Be warned the meat department at Hing Long is equally large and the smell can be quiet offensive to vegetarians.

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Location: College (map)
Info Hours
4644 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92115
Mo 10am- 6 pm Fr 10am- 6 pm
Tu 10am- 6 pm Sa 10am- 6 pm
We 10am- 6 pm Su 10am- 6 pm
Th 10am- 6 pm

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VeeEss (unverified)
Jul 13, 2009
vien dong is gross

The Linda Vista store used to smell like a toilet. This one on El Cajon is only marginally cleaner. I couldn't easily find the mock meats and the canned stuff just doesn't sound good at all. The entire back wall is covered with dead meat so veggies beware! It's gross.

erica (unverified)
Jun 23, 2006
love it!!!

I live near this market, so I enjoy it often! i highly suggest the 'chiken legs.' They are great for summer bbq's, and a hit even with meat-eaters. Slap some bbq sauce on 'em and grill 'em up! fabulous!!
The shrimp is okay, a little weird. but maybe i haven't found a good recipe yet.
the mock fish is good. I recommend the chunks not fillets. I like them with broccoli, rice and a lemon butter sauce.
I have tried a lot of the various 'chiken' items and 'pork' and like them. mostly with veggies and rice.

Also a lot of the sweets they have in the front are vegan, if you eat sugar.

The lady that is always there is very nice, so give her a nice welcome!!

kath (unverified)
Apr 27, 2005
also try vien dong!

There is a huge amazing Asian market called 'Vien Dong' at 5382 University Ave. They have an AMAZING array of canned mock meats. So cheap and the best thing ever!

James (unverified)
Sep 03, 2004
Good selection

The best selection of canned and frozen vegetarian mock meat I've been able to find so far in San Diego. I wish Ranch99 had this sort of selection as it's a bit out of the way for me to get to Hing Long.

David (unverified)
Jan 12, 2004
Great deals, hidden gem.

If you can get past the smell of the meat department Hing long is a small asian community market that has great deals on noodles,mock meat and other stuff.