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Offering everything from caviar to whitefish, barbecue to wellington, cannolis to truffles, kreplach to rugelach -- 100% VEGAN.

Also: homemade ice cream (soy, rice, and coconut based).

Asian, Greek, California, Middle-Eastern, Southern, French, Cajun, Mexican, Indian, Italian & Kosher style.

Special diets, gluten-free, sugar-free, low sodium, low carb, raw foods, etc.

Brad Wolff, M.S., Culinologist, Chef, Food Scientist.

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Laurie Kriger (unverified)
Nov 17, 2009
Great and impressive!

They catered our wedding and everyone was extremely impressed. In fact, only a dozen of the 225 guests knew everything was vegan until after they ate...not a morsel was left on anyone's plate! The vegan caviar, Wellington, Alfredo, cannolis and other delights blew us away!