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Matzo ball soup, kreplach, borsht, gefilte "fish", "lox", smoked "whietefish", blitzes, "brisket", stuffed cabbage, kugel, hamentashen, rugelach, spelt challah and much more.

Like Bubbie's, but healthier!

Special diets: glutten-free, sugar-free, low sodium, low carb, raw foods, etc.

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Angelo Wolff (unverified)
Nov 17, 2009
Just like Bubbies...but without the shmaltz!

So happens they have a huge selection of Jewish-style foods, but without the shmaltz or guilt. Their gefilte 'fish' and lox spread are so much like the real thing! The matzo ball soup is just like Bubbies. Their blintzes, stuffed cabbage and kugel are devine. Their eggless challah melts in your mouth.
They catered our Yom Kippur break-fast and everyone was amazed!