Veg News

VegSanDiego Welcomes Gentle Grill

December 16, 2018 -- Visit the newly opened Gentle Grill in Temecula for plant-based comfort foods including burgers, sandwiches, gyros, nachos, burritos, tacos, salads and bowls. 

VegSanDiego Welcomes Soro's Mediterranean Grill

July 14, 2018 -- On the vegan menu at Soro's Mediterranean Grill in Temecula, you'll find Mediterranean favorites like hommus, baba ganoush, and falafel, in addition to more unusual items like tzatzike (made with almond yogurt) and cauliflower wings. Soup, salad, pasta and pizza too!

VegSanDiego Welcomes D'Lish Bistro

July 14, 2018 -- Ask for the vegan menu where you'll find appetizers, salads, pasta dishes, several pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches, at D'Lish Bistro in Chula Vista.

VegSanDiego Welcomes World Beat Café

July 14, 2018 -- Located on the east side of Balboa Park, World Beat Café offers an eclectic and international all-vegan menu of four daily entrees plus soups, salads, sandwiches, burritos, juices, smoothies, and deserts.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Great Wow

July 13, 2018 -- Great Wow in Hillcrest offers Chinese cuisine with some rare vegetarian and vegan options. Some of those may not be clear from the menu, so ask your server.

VegSanDiego Welcomes O.B. Garden Café

July 13, 2018 -- Enjoy juices, smoothies, soups, salads, sandwiches, and other entrees at the O.B. Garden Café in Ocean Beach. Many items are vegan. Also a breakfast menu featuring pancakes and avocado toast as vegan options.

VegSanDiego Welcomes EVE | Encinitas Vegan Experience

July 13, 2018 -- The all-vegan EVE in Encinitas offers smoothies, breakfast, bowls, salads, flatbreads, buritios, and other entrees.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Soulshine

July 12, 2018 -- Soulshine in Mission Beach offers an eclectic all-vegan menu of tapas, soups, salads, bowls and assorted entrees.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Ike's Place

July 11, 2018 -- Ike's Place in Hillcrest features 4 vegetarian and 13 vegan sandwiches!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Scoops

July 11, 2018 -- You'll find 11 different flavors of vegan ice cream at Scoops in La Jolla.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Natural Delights Juice Bar

July 10, 2018 -- Natural Delights in La Mesa has recently transitioned to all-vegan! You'll find a selection of juices, smoothies, salads, bowls, wraps, sandwiches and more.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Anthem Vegan

February 13, 2018 -- Well known for their food truck throughout the county, Anthem Vegan has opened a new restaurant in North Park with tons of all-vegan options!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Pho Santee Grill and Vegan Asian Cuisine

February 2, 2018 -- At Pho Santee you'll find a a huge selection of Asian favorites on the all vegan menu, including pho/ramen/noodle/rice dishes, Vietnamese-style sandwiches, and stir fried veggies.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Vegetarian Oasis 

October 25, 2017 -- Vegetarian Oasis can cater your next event with an all veg/vegan menu of New Orleans (soul food) breakfast/lunch/desert specialties. Serving San Diego and surrounding areas.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Plant Power Fast Food

August 17, 2017 -- All-vegan Plast Power has just opened a new Encinitas location in addition to the Ocean Beach location. You'll find breakfast options, burgers, sandwiches and more!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Hugo's Cocina

August 13, 2017 -- Formerly Rancho's Natural Foods, Hugo's Cocina in Ocean Beach offers your favorite Mexican dishes, most with vegetarian and vegan versions clearly noted on the menu.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Confetti Plant Based Catering

August 11, 2017 -- Confetti Plant Based Catering specializes in serving fresh, organic, locally sourced farm-to-table vegan cuisine in San Diego for weddings, corporate events and more.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Starry Lane Bakery to Their New Hillcrest Location

August 11, 2017 -- All-vegan and "allergy-free", Starry Lane Bakery's new Hillcrest location is now open. They will host a grand opening event August 19th from 10:00am to 8:00pm, offering new products, cake samples for customers to try, free giveaways for every guest, and an extra special treat for the first 10 customers of the day.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Alforon

May 2, 2017 -- Vegan-owned Alforon is a Lebanese restaurant in the College area offering a menu of your favorite Mediterranean foods, with vegan and vegetarian items clearly marked.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Grains, the Neighborhood Cafe

April 4, 2017 -- Grains in University Heights is brand new and still in the soft-open phase, so we don't have much info. Seems to be almost all vegan, with an eclectic menu ranging from Thai to Philly-cheese sandwiches. And 20 beers on tap!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Donna Jean

March 9, 2017 -- Just west of Balboa Park you'll find Donna Jean, San Diego's newest all-vegan restaurant, offering an eclectic, uncommon menu. Beer, wine and cocktails too.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Mission Square Market

December 12, 2016 -- You'll find a wide selection of vegan products and frozen foods at Mission Square Market on Mission Gorge Road.

VegSanDiego Welcomes The Ranch Daily

December 11, 2016 -- Receive 2 or 3 vegan meals delivered daily to your home by The Ranch Daily.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Ike's Place

November 9, 2016 -- You'll find a great selection of vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, clearly noted on the menu at Ike's Place in Hillcrest.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Veganic Thai

November 9, 2016 -- You'll find all your favorite Thai dishes, and ALL VEGAN, at Veganic Thai in Hillcrest.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Sheldon's Service Station

October 31, 2016 -- You'll find the vegetarian items clearly marked on the menu of Sheldon's Service Station in La Mesa village.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Busy B Thai Cafe

October 6, 2016 -- Choose from eight $7.95 entrees on the vegan menu at Busy B Thai Cafe in downtown El Cajon!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Cinnaholic

September 20, 2016 -- Time for a treat? You'll find all-vegan cinnamon rolls (many toppings available), chocolate chip cookies and brownies at Cinnaholic in the Mission Valley Mall, with two more locations coming to San Diego!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Villa Capri

August 28, 2016 -- Craving Italian? Choose from five entrees on the vegan menu at Villa Capri in Carmel Valley.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Soy Leaf

April 15, 2016 -- This one is a two-fer. Soy Leaf Garden Cafe in eastern El Cajon offers coffee, teas, espresso, superfood-smoothies, and assorted grab-n-go foods, and has a garden area available for hosting events. Soy Leaf Juice Bar & Healthy Grill in western El Cajon offers a good selection of burgers, sandwiches and juices. Cookies and snacks too! Both are organic and all-vegan!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Cueva Bar

February 9, 2016 -- Cueva Bar in University Heights offers a selection of tapas and flatbreads which are, or can be made, veg/vegan.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Kindred

February 9, 2016 -- Kindred bar/restaurant in South Park offers a limited but quite interesting all-vegan menu.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Purple Mint

November 27, 2015 -- Purple Mint in Allied Gardens is an all-vegetarian Asian restaurant offering many vegan options.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Civico 1845

November 27, 2015 -- You'll find a selection of your favorite Italian dishes on the all-vegan menu at Civico 1845 in Little Italy.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Kafe Sobaka/Restoran Pomegranate

November 20, 2015 -- Georgian, Russian, and California cuisine meet at Kafe Sobaka/Restoran Pomegranate in Golden Hill.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Veggilish Fresh & Healthy

October 8, 2015 -- After shopping in Horton Plaza, walk a few blocks to have lunch at Veggilish (open weekdays lunch hour only).

VegSanDiego Welcomes 7th Ave. Pub

August 30, 2015 -- 32 beers on tap, and a vegan menu too! All in the 7th Ave. Pub inside the Wholefoods Market in Hillcrest.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Gelato Vero Caffé Upstairs

August 19, 2015 -- Enjoy a vegetarian breakfast or lunch at Gelato Vero Caffé Upstairs. Vegan options available too!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Cafe Gratitude

July 28, 2015 -- Cafe Gratitude celebrates its grand opening Wednesday July 29. Try their offering of 100% organic plant-based dishes, fresh pressed juices and gluten-free pastries to-go. Catering services too!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Naked Cafe

June 19, 2015 -- Vegetarians will find many options at the four locations of Naked Cafe. Several clearly marked vegan items are available too.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Yard House

June 18, 2015 -- Yard House offers drinks and a notable selection of clearly marked vegetarian items, including 14 Gardein™ dishes!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Sol Cal Café

June 16, 2015 -- Located in San Diego's Gaslamp quarter, Sol Cal Café offers an eclectic all-vegan menu of organic soups, salads, wraps, burgers and more.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Blaze Pizza

June 13, 2015 -- Build your own pie with vegan cheese at the three locations of Blaze Pizza.

VegSanDiego Welcomes India Palace

June 13, 2015 -- Enjoy choosing from the many options offered in the "Vegetable Delights" section of the menu at India Palace.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Apollonia Bistro

June 13, 2015 -- Satisfy your cravings for falafel and other Greek specialties at Apollonia Bistro.

VegSanDiego Welcomes IKEA

April 12, 2015 -- Take a break from your furniture shopping at IKEA to enjoy vegan veggie balls in their upstairs restaurant.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Leucadia Pizzeria

April 11, 2015 -- You'll find pizza with whole wheat and gluttun-free options as well as soy cheese at all three locations of Leucadia Pizzeria. Salads and beers too!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Casa de Reyes

April 10, 2015 -- Enjoy Mexican food with many veg options at Casa de Reyes, including Daiya vegan cheese.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Vegan Anthem

April 9, 2015 -- You'll find an eclectic range of offerings at any of the 5 farmers markets served by Vegan Anthem. And yes, they're all vegan!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Tacos Perla

February 2, 2015 -- You'll find several veg/vegan taco options on the menu at Tacos Perla in North Park.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Thai One On

February 2, 2015 -- The menu of this Thai restaurant in Vista lets you find the many veg-friendly options at a glance.

New Native Foods in Clairemont Mesa

December 3, 2014 -- In addition to the Point Loma and Encinitas locations, Native Foods third all-vegan restaurant in the San Diego area is now open!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Six New Additions to our "Other" Category

October 16, 2014 -- Checkout our latest additions of all-vegan personal chef services, health coaching, cooking classes, educational programs and more:

VegSanDiego Welcomes Veggie Grill to Carlsbad

February 3, 2014 -- Carlsbad has a brand new, shiny Veggie Grill.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Urban India Restaurant & Bar

February 3, 2014 -- Combine a sports bar with an Indian restaurant and you'd get something like Urban India.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Woodstock’s Pizza

February 3, 2014 -- You'll find some veg-friendly options Woodstock’s Pizza with Daiya Vegan Cheeze available.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Chennai Tiffins

February 3, 2014 -- Chennai Tiffins has replaced Madras Cafe at that location in Mira Mesa and is serving South Indian vegetarian.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Vegin' Out Vegan Meal Delivery Service

February 3, 2014 -- Place your order with Vegin' Out by Friday afternoon, get a vegan meal delivered by FedEx on Tuesday.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Moncai Vegan

December 24, 2013 -- We've got a new vegan restaurant in North Park! Moncai Vegan is an intimate cafe with outdoor seating available.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Veggie Grill

August 22, 2013 --Rejoice! San Diego has a new all-vegan restaurant! With many locations in California and other states, Veggie Grill has finally arrived in UTC.
Closer to fast food than fine dining, you'll find a variety of soups, salads, burgers, sweet potato fries, hot sandwiches, chili, hot plates, and desserts. Kids menu too!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Native Foods Cafe

January 30, 2013 -- The popular LA-area all vegan Native Foods has finally opened its long-awaited Encinitas restaurant. So far, but yet so tasty!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Lighten Up Food

December 10, 2012 -- Lighten Up Food is now offering catering and delivery of healthy and delicious vegan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Grand Opening of Ready Veggie

October 21, 2012 -- Ready Veggie puts down some roots in the College Area as they open a new restaurant on October 28.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Napizza

October 12, 2012 -- Next time you're in Little Italy, try a slice of veg pizza with Daiya vegan cheese at Napizza. Great salad bar too!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Headquarters Cafe

August 6, 2012 -- Located in the College area, the new Headquarters Cafe provides a spacious environment to enjoy soups, smoothies, wraps, and paninis, plus organic and fair trade espressos/coffees/teas and Mexican pastries too.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Hill Street Cafe

July 27, 2012 -- You'll find an eclectic menu of veg/vegan Mexican dishes, sandwiches, soups, and salads at Hill Street Cafe in Oceanside.

VegSanDiego Welcomes Liticker's Mexican Grill

July 24, 2012 -- Who knew that hidden within Liticker's Liquor Store in OB you'd find a Mexican Grill with lots of veg and vegan choices!

VegSanDiego Welcomes Plumeria

July 24, 2012 -- Enjoy a meal at University Heights new vegetarian Thai restaurant Plumeria.